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Gut Health & IBS

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Top 4 Tips To Beat Summer Bloat

Beat Summer Bloat

Does summer time mean dealing with summer bloat? It's common. Since we have so little time to truly enjoy nice weather in Canada, we hang up our aprons, spend time on patios, picnicking, barbecuing, and all in all, putting nutrition on the back burner. It's no wonder my gut clients complain that summer time makes them feel bloated & uncomfortable with the abundance of food! I thought I would share my top four tips with you to beat summer bloat! Top 4 Tips to Beat Summer Bloat Get CONSISTENT fibre. You're health conscious - and let's face it - you still gotta work. Chances are, you eat 'normal' on week days, and weekends are where things get out of hand. Going from week day eating - getting in...

Move-C Understanding The Relationship

Exercise and the Gut Microbiome

Have you ever noticed, you feel better when you exercise? Researchers are just now starting to elucidate the link between exercise and the gut microbiome. I mean - I think we all deep down know, yes, of course it make sense that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, and that it is likely it has some impact on the gut microbiome. But now we have science actually looking at what those changes are, and how we can make the best recommendations for you to be as healthy as possible. Exercise and The Gut Microbiome We know that exercise appears to play a role in inflammation, energy metabolism, and the gut microbiome¹. Now, researchers out of the U of C are looking at how high intensity interval...

Fodmapped For You Fodmap Friendly Certified Product Review

FODMAPPED for you | FODMAP Friendly Certified Product Review

I am SO excited to have had the opportunity to try FODMAPPED for you's AMAZING products. Time and time again, my clients find the biggest struggle with staying low FODMAP is sauces, and condiments. People get tired of 'bland' food -not that low FODMAP has to be bland, per-say - but the sheer amount of foods you have to remove often make it seem like you have very few options. FODMAPPED for you, alongside FODMAP Friendly kindly sent me the whole array of their products to try out, so that I could share my thoughts with you. I don't know about you, but sometimes speciality products can be a bit underwhelming. This was NOT the case with FODMAPPED. They achieved AMAZING flavour with no onion, no...

Do You Have A Travelling Poop plan?

Do You Have a Travelling Poop Plan? | Guest Blog Kirsten Oilund

Do you have a travelling poop plan? You laugh - you maybe feel a bit uncomfortable even saying it - but how many of you struggle with your bowels while on the road? I know I DO. Which is why I was SO excited when Kirsten Oilund agreed to guest blog on the topic! Kirsten is one of my FAVORITE dietitians. She works in Jasper, Alberta, and runs a private practice called Jasper Nutrition.  If you don't follow her on social media - you probably should. Her food photography is on fleek - and her Instagram account is drool-worthy. Not to mention - she's brilliant, and provides practical advice, which I LOVE! Without further ado...

Does Peppermint Help IBS? A Dietitian Explains

Does Peppermint Help IBS? | A Dietitian Explains

Does Peppermint Help IBS? A few weeks ago, my colleague Andrea D'Ambrosio asked me to talk about foods that help to relieve digestive symptoms. As part one of this series, I'm going to be talking about one of the most popular herbs to help manage digestive woes, and one of my personal favourites, peppermint. How Does Peppermint Help IBS? People have been using peppermint to help with digestion for a LONG time. And I mean long. Fun fact - they can trace use of peppermint leaves in tea, and as a post meal digestive agent over 2000 years back in time. I'm sure at the time, this habit arose out of the peppermint making their tummies feel better. Totally valid - a food-first herb that I'm sure many of...

Is It Irritable Bowel Syndrome? What You Need To Know

Is it Irritable Bowel Syndrome? | What You Need to Know | IBS Awareness Month

Did you know, April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month? At Ignite, I primarily practice in functional gut disorders and other gut diseases. IBS is very near and dear to my heart - as someone who has suffered from IBS and has seen the impact nutrition and a holistic approach to IBS management can make, I'm a huge advocate that everyone with IBS should be involved with a dietitian. Interestingly enough, many of my clients come to me 'kinda/sorta' diagnosed with IBS - they aren't very confident in their diagnosis, or what it means. They've had all other gut conditions ruled out, and often they're left with a 'well I guess you have IBS' diagnosis, and occasionally advice to eat more fibre. There appears to be a lack of confidence in...

IBS Awareness MonthLets End The Stigma

IBS Awareness Month | Andrea’s Personal Story

Ok guys. I rarely go into much details about my personal life in counselling unless I see it of the utmost benefit to my clients. Because in all reality - counselling is about you, not me. HOWEVER. April is IBS Awareness Month - and my MISSION is to remove the stigma around IBS. 13-20% of Canadians have IBS It is NOT a diagnosis of exclusion - rather - real symptoms to match a real diagnosis Many times clients come to me have been told 'IBS is all in your head'. The stigma breaks my heart that they're so afraid to talk about their disease! Time to diagnosis from symptom onset is GREATER than 6 years. 6 years with digestive issues. No answers. Feeling unheard. This is...

Low FODMAP Label Reading Made Easy.

Low FODMAP Label Reading. Made Easy.

Low FODMAP Label Reading Low FODMAP label reading can be seriously overwhelming. Heck! Even without looking for FODMAP's, label reading can be challenging! However, I always tell my clients, it isn't 'all or nothing'. I like to start with these top 6 high FODMAP ingredients - things I see most OFTEN in products that would immediately flag them as 'likely' high FODMAP. It's hard enough getting a huge list of high FODMAP foods to avoid - so I'm ALL about keeping it practical. While you get comfortable on the low FODMAP diet, I say start with these high FODMAP culprits, and then we can fine-tune in future appointments regarding the other low FODMAP ingredients. To be a smart shopper, it is important to understand how to read labels...

5 Tips For Travelling With IBS

Top 5 Tips for Travelling with IBS

Hey Ya'll. IBS and the low FODMAP diet appears cut and dry. A big list of don't eats. Appears easy on the surface. But once you actually begin to implement it, you realize that it is actually QUITE HARD to do practically. One of the biggest struggles my clients have is with travelling. So I am SO glad to introduce Liz from Fodmappin' the Globe. She is literally travelling the WORLD right now, while following a modified low FODMAP diet! So to say she is an expert in the practical implementation of FODMAP's is an understatement. When she agreed to guest blog on her top 5 tips for travelling with IBS, I was THRILLED! So without further adieu...

What is IBS A Dietitian Explains

What is IBS? | A Dietitian Explains

Hey All. I'm SO excited. I have a dietetic intern with me - and she's kind of awesome. Meet Danielle - she is tasked with creating some seriously awesome, practical resources for my IBS clients. Today she's going to break down 'What is IBS' for you! Let's Talk about IBS. Do you feel as if your bowels are taking you on a never-ending roller coaster ride? Have you ever skipped a meal to avoid your burdening bowel symptoms? Do you find that your daily activities revolve around the bathroom? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. What is irritable bowel syndrome, you say? Let me start you off with a bit of background on the matter. You may recognize it in its short form as IBS. IBS...