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Gut Health & IBS

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Top 10 IBS and FODMAP Blogs

Top 10 IBS and FODMAP Blogs

Finding credible IBS and low FODMAP information can be daunting. At Ignite, we really think there is no sense in re-inventing the wheel - which is why we've decided to do a round up post of our FAVOURITE blogs to send clients to for additional, and credible FODMAP information. The COOL thing about the community of FODMAP and IBS experts is, we're all kinda friends. Through social media we've connected, and we share each other's excellent IBS information - because ultimately, our collective goals are to reach more people and help them with their IBS. Without further adieu, let me brag to you about my AMAZING colleagues - in no particular order, since they're all equally as amazing! (co-written by Ignite's Nutrition student, Amy Pun). Top 10 IBS &...

#AskADietitian Facebook Live

Can IBS Kill You & Prebiotics – A New Understanding | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

This week (Oct 23rd) #AskADietitian Facebook Live series - I answer to the media coverage around Mychael Knight's death - Can IBS Kill You? I also cover the definition of prebiotics and what constitutes a prebiotic. Can IBS Kill You? (stop holding that exhale - don't worry - short answer: it can't, BUT there are some things to consider.)    Andrea Hardy is a registered dietitian nutritionist specialized in gut health and GI disorders practicing in Calgary Alberta, as well as globally via online counselling. Our staff at Ignite help people with gastrointestinal disorders feel the best they possibly can with a holistic approach to health!...

#AskADietitian Facebook Live

Get Over Colds Faster with the Power of your Microbiome | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

This week (November 20th) on #AskADietitian Facebook Live series - talk about some SUPER cool new research on the power of your microbiome to potentially modulate your immune system during a cold or flu - and how you could potentially use nutrition to feel better faster! The research is still in it's infancy but SUPER exciting. HINT: it has to do with one of my favourite topics: polyphenols! I also talk about how to stick low FODMAP when you're sick, and hidden sources of FODMAP's in cold medicines and cough drops. Lastly, I talk about my Instagram-Famous meal that had EVERYONE asking - how can I eat ALL the FODMAP's in one sitting and not get a tummy ache! I talk about that in my #AskADietitian LIVE...

Interview With Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research

Interview with Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research

Ok guys. Sorry this has taken SO long! WAY back when, after Natasha and I had attended the Gut Microbiome for Health conference, she and I sat down to talk about up and coming research. Natasha is BRILLIANT and currently doing microbiome research in Kelowna. I'm SO excited to see her findings when she finishes her study! Catch the FULL interview here: Interview with Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research ...

Why The Pelvic Floor In Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Pelvic Floor and IBS | Interview with Renae Hunter

Hello! I am SO excited to bring you an AMAZING interview on pelvic floor and IBS I had with Renae Hunter from Evidence Sport & Spinal. A new physiotherapy clinic opened up on south east Calgary, and I was THRILLED when I found out they had a pelvic health expert & physiotherapist coming in. So I called Renae up, and we chatted. I thought I had a good basic understanding of how the pelvic floor played a role in IBS - but she has taught me SO much more - and I'm SO excited to share it with you! What does the Pelvic Floor Do? The muscles of the pelvic floor help control bowel movements. Coordination deep abdominal muscles, alongside full relaxation of the pelvic floor are key for moving...

Can a Keto Diet Help You Manage IBS?

Can a Keto Diet Help Your IBS? | A Dietitian Explains.

As you may have heard recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the ketogenic (keto) diet and its ability to manage irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – but does it really work? Today I’m here to unravel the mystery of the keto diet and if it’s something you should be considering to manage your IBS. What is a Keto Diet? A ketogenic diet is low in carbs but sufficient in protein and high in fat. It’s commonly used as a diet to manage patients with epilepsy to reduce seizure frequency1 – BUT you’ve probably more seen it around the internet touted as the ‘if paleo didn’t work – you should try this’ kinda diet. (cough cough FAD cough cough). If you’ve read our previous post about why you...

Fody Foods Low FODMAP Products A Dietitian Review

FODY Foods Low FODMAP Product | Dietitian Review

One of the HARDEST parts of the low FODMAP diet is grocery shopping. Hands down. It's not looking at the low FODMAP lists - it's actually conceptualizing how you'll turn those things into a meal. For my clients that lack confidence and competence in the kitchen, they struggle with the low FODMAP diet. For people who enjoy sauces and condiments, the low FODMAP diet can seem painfully bland. Which is why I'm SO relieved that companies like FODY Foods low FODMAP products, entirely dedicated to making high quality, low FODMAP foods have been created. Introducing FODY Foods Recently, I've had the opportunity to try FODY Foods. They reached out and asked if I would like to try some of their low FODMAP products - and I was blown away. FODY foods...

Should I Take Apple Cider Vinegar For Gut Health?

Should I Take Apple Cider Vinegar for Gut Health?

Hey Ya’ll! Guess what. Today, I have student that co-wrote (ok - almost entirely wrote!) on my blog – the AMAZING, Amy Pun from University of Alberta. She is a researcher-extraordinaire, and will be giving you the down-low on apple cider vinegar for gut health. If you loved her post – share it on social media! I love to give my students a chance to show just how much they know. In recent years, society has become increasingly health-conscious. To a fault. We’ve become obsessed with food – attaching morality to food (which it shouldn’t have), and paying extra dollars for specialty products that frankly, have little, if any science behind them. Frustrating as it is for a dietitian – it makes sense. We’re inherently lazy. Why CAN’T...

Ask A Dietitian Live With Andrea Hardy, RD

My Interview with SIBO Survivor – Josh Sabourin

Hey Ya'll. As you ALL know, I started a series called #AskADietitian - which I host every week on Facebook Live. We recently moved to Monday mornings for the summer - if you want to catch all the action - hop over to my Facebook Page to hear what I have to say, or better yet, ask me a question I can answer for you during one of my live jams! Josh Sabourin, from SIBO survivor reached out to me to ask if he could guest post about his SIBO story on my blog. I said I'd do him one better - that I'd rather interview him - because as I say, people connect with people. With IBS, and SIBO, hearing someone's story, who's been through it, been...

5 Day Menu Plan For IBS & Gut Health?

5 day menu for IBS & gut health

June has been an exciting month. I've been gearing up to launch something people have been asking me for for a LONG time. Introducing my FREE 5 Day Menu for IBS & Gut Health  As my clients and followers know, I offer a one week and four week low FODMAP menu through counselling, and on my site. However, I was starting to get a bit frustrated with all the confusion about FODMAP's and gut health that are out there - and starting to see that, as FODMAP's become more 'main stream' - people are using the diet for all the wrong reasons, and without a proper explanation and implementation. Ok. I'll get off my soap box now and tell you what it's all about. This menu is focused on IBS...