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Take charge of your IBS symptoms

Our IBS & FODMAP package combines the latest science with practical and personalized advice to get you feeling better fast.

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Tired of living with digestive issues and IBS?

Get Your IBS Symptoms Under Control

Sick of pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or a mix of both? Tried ‘everything’ – without success?

We get it. While the majority of patients want to manage their IBS with diet and lifestyle, they aren’t sure how. Maybe you’ve been told to eat more fibre and drink more water. Or maybe, you’ve been told to ‘just watch FODMAP’s’ – whatever THAT means.

I’m here to tell you: you can feel better – if you have the right plan in place.

Based on your symptoms we will create a personalized approach to help you start feeling better FAST.

At Ignite, we have created a unique system called our ‘4 Pillar Plan™’ for managing IBS that we use as a framework for both adults and children. It encompasses the latest IBS science, including:

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  1. Nutrition Management

    The Low FODMAP diet, Non-FODMAP triggers, and more.

  2. Stress & Lifestyle

    The Brain-Gut Connection.

  3. Medication Management

    Non-pharmacological & prescription.

  4. The Gut Microbiome

    Keeping those gut bacteria healthy & happy.

Take charge of your nutrition

Get Started with the 4 Pillar Plan™ for Gut Health

Our goal is to get you feeling 70-80% better, 70-80% of the time within the first month.

Ignite your nutrition with our 4 Pillar Plan™ for gut health

Get your IBS symptoms under control

Ignite 4 Pillar Plan™ Package

This package is designed for anyone with IBS or a functional gut disorder requiring the low FODMAP diet to help with management. Our specially designed 12-16 week program will help you feel in control of your symptoms in no time!

For patients with IBS or looking to implement the low FODMAP diet for functional gut disorders

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    Comprehensive Assessment

    One 1-hour initial assessment with personalized care plan.

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    3 Follow-up Appointments

    Three 1-hour follow-up appointments with your dietitian.

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    Email Support

    Access to your dietitian via email for the duration of the package.

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    Menu Plan

    Access to our 4-week low FODMAP menu plan.

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    IBS Database

    Exclusive 4-month access to our IBS database including additional educational videos and mindfulness tools.

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    $615 Investment

    If you have access to extended benefits, your benefits plan may cover all or a portion of dietitian services. If not, keep in mind that dietitian services is a tax-deductible medical expense!

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