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Take charge of your microscopic colitis

Our dietitians are experts in rare digestive disorders. Learn how practical and personalized nutrition advice can help you feel better, fast.

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Tired of living with digestive issues?

Get Your Microscopic Colitis Under Control

Diagnosed with Microscopic, lymphocytic or collagenous colitis?

This rare condition can be frustrating to manage, with overwhelming symptoms. Most patients come to us at their wits end with:

  • Chronic watery diarrhea
  • Low grade colonic inflammation that flares up and causes pain and digestive symptoms
  • Fecal incontinence

Microscopic colitis has a HUGE impact on quality of life. Most of our patients have to drastically change their activities to accommodate frequent trips to the bathroom, and struggle with low energy.

I’m here to tell you: you can improve your symptoms and get back to living your healthiest life.

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Not much research exists in the proper management of microscopic colitis. However, through our practice we have found a variety of strategies to complement medication management:


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  1. Nutrition Management

    Use the power of nutrition to manage symptoms and improve digestive health.

  2. Stress & Lifestyle

    The gut-brain connection - learn what it is, and how you can improve it.

  3. Medication Management

    Non-pharmacological & prescription.

  4. The Gut Microbiome

    Keeping those gut bacteria healthy & happy.

Improve your digestive health with

Individualized Nutrition Counselling

Get your microscopic colitis symptoms under control. Get started with nutrition counselling today!

Our Most Popular Make an Impact Package

Ready to make an impact on your digestive health? This package is great for if you’re looking to take charge of your digestive symptoms and live your healthiest life!

Please note, other packages and a la carte (per appointment) are available here.

For patients looking for help with their microscopic colitis

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    Comprehensive Assessment

    One 1-hour initial assessment with personalized care plan

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    3 Follow-up Appointments

    Three 45 minute to 1-hour follow-up appointments with your dietitian.

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    Email Support

    Access to your dietitian via email for the duration of the package for questions (counselling must be done in session as there needs to be discussion and a collaborative approach.)

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    Resources & Menu Plans

    Access to resources, recipes, and pre-made menu plans as needed – to make behaviour change practical and achievable!

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    $720 Investment

    If you have access to extended benefits, your benefits plan may cover all or a portion of dietitian services. If not, keep in mind that dietitian services is a tax-deductible medical expense!

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    Other Packages Available

    Looking for more comprehensive care? Or maybe less of a commitment? Don’t worry – we have many package options to meet your needs and budget, including a la carte pricing at $190 for the initial and $180 for the follow ups (package pricing saves $10 per session).

AMAZING!!! I have been sick for 18 years with IBS type symptoms. My GI specialist recommended that I see Andrea for help with the FODMAP diet. I started immediately and am soooo grateful for the help. ( I already was eating mostly healthy for the last 10 years, but was still had terrible symptoms.) Six weeks later, by the time my colonoscopy/endoscopy was scheduled, I was almost diarrhea and pain free! The colonoscopy / endoscopy results showed that I had lymphocytic colitis and I started on steroids immediately. Now it was time to start re-intoducing the trouble causing fodmap sugars. Andrea was able to talk to my GI specialist directly and counsel me through all the questions regarding this particular diagnosis, the diet and the steroids. It really helped to have everyone on the same page, instead of trying to figure it out all myself. With the unpredictable pain and diarrhea, it was so easy to meet with Andrea online without ever having to leave the house. I always received a follow-up report via email that I could refer to. I really believe the personal one on one counselling with Andrea made all the difference for me. There are so many pitfalls and so much conflicting internet information. Andrea usually already had a pretty good idea of where the diet problems were and my questions were always answered. She took time to discover what I missed eating most and then found great alternatives. I am now back to eating almost everything and am feeling great. I do not believe I would have had success with steroids alone, as I still inadvertently occasionally eat the wrong food and have symptoms even though I still take steroids. IGNITE NUTRITION has been life changing for me!

  • Beverley Shoop, Google Review

5 Star Review

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