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Calgary & Canada-Wide Workplace Wellness & Corporate Nutrition

Our dietitians + psychologist can help improve your office's workplace health!

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Workplace Wellness & Corporate Nutrition & Mental Wellness

Workplace wellness starts with engaging your team about their health in a meaningful way.

Our registered dietitians and psychologist provide a variety of different services to meet your teams needs!

Fun. Dynamic. Engaging.

Nutrition & mental wellness education doesn’t have to be boring. Our team of experts translate nutrition & psychology science into practical tips so YOU get the most out of it. We love to inject fun and humour into our presentation and get people excited about their health and wellness!

Building Health and Wellness Knowledge

Pursing health starts with understanding health and nutrition messaging. With all the misinformation out there, people turn to social media, friends and family for health information that isn’t always helpful or even healthy. We start with the basics and build competence and confidence in deciphering complex nutrition messages. 

Create a Healthier Work Environment

Health in the workplace starts with shaping food, movement and stress management strategies employees can implement easily into their day. Through group education or our Workplace Wellness Challenge, we provide employees with small, meaningful strategies to transform their health and wellness – in a practical way.

Empower Staff to Lead Healthy Lives

Health behaviour change starts with an employees personal values. Teaching employees to identify and prioritize their values, we are better able to build healthy habits that last long term. When we make health decisions aligned with our personal values, health related goals are often easier to achieve. Our team can help with that!


Workplace Wellness Events and Lunch n’ Learns

Are you looking to create a healthier work environment within your company?

Our interactive Lunch n’ Learn sessions can help motivate your employees to develop healthier habits, improve their energy levels and their stress levels through the power of nutrition!

Ignite Nutrition’s registered dietitians provide a fun and informative experience for your workplace.

Our solution-based approach will not only motivate your employees but provide them with real solutions to their nutrition challenges.

We have a variety of services that we offer to complement your workplace wellness program, or we can tailor our nutrition sessions to topics your employee’s interests.

Make your next Lunch n’ Learn unforgettable by bringing in an expert speaker from Ignite Nutrition!

Nutrition Lunch n’ Learns

Our nutrition Lunch n’ Learns include a 45-50 minute presentation on the topic of your choice, followed by 10-15 minutes for Q+A.

Our Lunch n’ Learns focus on:
  • Practical nutrition – things that you can ACTUALLY do
  • Meaningful behaviour change – how can we build in healthy habits that last a lifetime?
  • Focused on working professionals – keeping it simple for their busy lives

Our Most Popular Lunch n’ Learn Topics


  • Plan Your Fuel: Learn to Meal Prep & Plan

    For those who want to eat healthier & end mealtime chaos - Plan Your Fuel teaches meal planning basics and has participants planning their first week in session. Meal planning isn't just one skill, but several small skills. Learn to plan balanced nutritious meals, how to incorporate healthy snacks to keep you fuelled for the day, and how to make nutritious choices eating out.

  • Crush the Food Fads: Get the Facts on the Top 5 Food Fads Dietitians Get Asked About!

    With so much nutrition information online and in the media, it’s hard to tell whose advice you should trust. Let us debunk the top 5 nutrition fads out there, help you feel confident to know how to spot a nutrition fad, and learn what nutrition advice is best for you!

  • Brain Food: Eating for Energy & Focus

    What you eat can have a powerful effect on your energy and concentration levels. That mid-afternoon slump probably has to do with what you're putting (or not putting!) in your body. Do you feel tired, restless and foggy-headed? What foods can you eat to increase energy and focus? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this eye-opening seminar, and get tips and recipes on how to nurture your brain through food.

  • Harness the Power of Your Gut Microbiome: How to Improve Gut Health

    We used to say ‘you are what you eat’, now our saying is ‘you are what your gut microbiome does with you!’ Our gut microbiome plays an important role in your immunity, your risk of chronic disease, blood sugar management, metabolism and more. Learn how taking care of this important community of bacteria can improve your health and wellness!

  • 3 Steps to Good Nutrition That are Quick, Practical and Easy

    Nutrition information online is overwhelming. One day celery is the most boring vegetable, the next day its juice cures all ills. How do we navigate nutrition messages to know what works and what to skip? More importantly, how do we make health changes that actually stick? We know we need to eat more vegetables - so why don't we? It’s often because the changes we make are too large, and require many small changes to actually create that new behaviour. Learn how small, meaningful changes can have a huge impact on your health - these top 3 tips are so easy, you can start on your path to good nutrition TODAY!

  • Ten Ways to Lower Your Cancer Risk

    70-90% of cancers are caused by lifestyle choices. Learn to improve your nutrition, and live longer with 10 scientifically proven ways to reduce your risk of cancer through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Great for cancer awareness months!

  • Nutrition for Activity - Building a Personalized Nutrition Plan for Your Fitness

    Learn exactly how nutrition can play a huge role in athletic performance - and what you can do to fuel your body before, during, and after activity to achieve your nutrition goals, prevent injury, and stay healthy!

  • 3 Tips to Make Healthy Choices When Eating Out: Dine with a dietitian and learn how to make healthy choices at restaurants.

    Eating out at restaurants can derail intentions to eat nutritiously. Learn about the specific things you can do to prioritize bringing healthy meals to work and how to fuel your body well even if you are eating out. Learn our top tips on how to make nutritious choices while still enjoying yourself when eating out!

*Looking for other topics? We have a variety of other Lunch n’ Learns available, and can create new topics upon request!

Mental Health & Wellness Presentations

Our psychologist, Kirsten speaks to a variety of topics upon request. Her most popular topics include:

  1. Simple strategies to reduce stress: Stress influences our ability to concentrate, be productive, and take care of ourselves. Kirsten gives staff simple tips & tools on how to more positively cope with stress
  2. Prioritize You: Ever heard the saying ‘put your oxygen mask on first’? Easier said than done. Kirsten helps staff learn how to prioritize their health and wellness even when things get chaotic!
  3. Listen to Your Body: Our bodies are FULL of important information. Yet we often don’t listen to the subtle cues they give us. Kirsten teaches staff to tap into their body wisdom to make decisions aligned with their health and wellness values!
  4. Live in the PRESENT: Change takes time and can be slow. Learning mindfulness is a skill that can help us slow down, develop self compassion, and be present. Strengthen your ability to find balance and handle the tough stuff.

Speaker Fees

Each of our staff has different speaker fees dependent on their level of experience. We can provide a single Lunch n’ Learn presentation, or more commonly, companies will hire us for a series of 4 presentations over the course of the year.

To make a bigger impact and keep nutrition & health top of mind – quarterly presentations act like ‘nutrition check up’s’ for your employees and allow us to gain momentum as we build their nutrition knowledge. It’s also a great way to ‘get to know’ your dietitian, and build a strong base for positive health behaviour change!

Corporate Wellness Challenge

Fad diets don’t work. Neither do weight loss challenges. 


Because the ‘all or nothing’ changes haven’t formed a health behaviour that ACTUALLY fits within a person’s busy life life – making it seem like an uphill battle to do day in, and day out.

People often come to dietitians saying ‘if I could only have stuck to X diet, THEN I would achieve my health goals’. NEWSFLASH: It has NOTHING to do with YOU sticking to the diet and everything to do with the diet not being maintainable.

We KNOW that changing health involves something more complex than willpower – it takes SKILLPOWER.

Our corporate wellness challenge is DIFFERENT. It focuses on building SKILLPOWER and long term health behaviours that actually LAST.

By incorporating small, meaningful changes, your staff will:

  • Create a habit you can maintain
  • Do something achievable – feeling challenged but successful
  • Gain confidence and competence, one behaviour at a time
  • Create a catalyst towards BIG results over a longer period of time

What’s Involved

  1. Our dietitian will provide a Lunch n’ Learn or group education session to ‘kick off’ the challenge and get your employees engaged and excited!
  2. Your staff will sign up 1-2 weeks in advance to our online platform and pledge to participate over the next 4 weeks in your company’s corporate wellness challenge.
  3. For each of the 4 weeks, they will be prompted to watch a short video teaching them a new skill. They will be provided with recipes & tools to help them implement the skill. Should your company encourage social sharing, they will be prompted to share how they completed the skill on social media (either in our private Facebook group or other social media channel of your  choice).
  4. Each week they will ‘add on’ a new skill or behaviour – small, but meaningful if repeated. We focus on nutrition basics – the things that REALLY matter in improving health, wellness, energy, mood and productivity.
  5. Throughout, they will have online access to their Workplace Wellness dietitian – to support and cheer them on!
  6. Your Workplace Wellness dietitian will host a ‘wrap up’ Lunch n’ Learn / group education session to discuss habit formation and future goals to encourage staff to continue with their new behaviours!


Looking for something else?

We have provided a wide variety of different services in the corporate space, including but not limited to:

  • cooking demos
  • wellness fairs
  • one-on-one employee nutrition consults
  • program development and support for employee wellness

We have a variety of different options to meet your corporations budget and engage employees in positive health behaviour change!

Calgary Companies We’ve Worked With:


  • Husky Energy
  • Health Systems Group
  • Lundgren & Young
  • TAQA
  • Scotia Wealth
  • Suncor Energy
  • Penn West
  • Accenture
  • Canadian Digestive Health Foundation
  • PetroChina
  • …and more!

Imperial Oil says:

“We worked with Andrea to present to our team at work on the changes to Health Canada’s New Food Guide. She was absolutely fantastic. Her enthusiasm and knowledge shined through the entire presentation and our team certainly left like with actionable tips and ideas to improve our nutrition lifestyle! Thank you Andrea :)”