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Psychology Counselling for IBS

The gut-brain connection plays a huge role in how you perceive your IBS symptoms. Learn how to take control with psychology counselling.

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Tired of living with digestive issues and IBS?

Get Your IBS Symptoms Under Control

Nutrition isn't the ONLY way to manage IBS. Looking for something more?

IBS management isn’t JUST about nutrition. In fact, we often say that STRESS management is more important than NUTRITION management in our 4 Pillar Plan™. 

Psychological counselling has a large amount of supportive evidence for improving IBS symptoms.

Why? Because our gut and brain are HIGHLY connected.

Our gut has it’s OWN nervous system. The enteric nervous system. This nervous system engages in two-way communication with the brain, responding to and feeling changes in our mood, emotions and stress. When stress occurs chronically (ie. a typical North American lifestyle), it can also chronically alter our digestion, triggering IBS symptoms.

Our digestive health psychologist will help you on a journey to discovering how stress plays a role in your symptoms, and provide you with practical tools to help shape how your body responds to stress.

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Our psychologist uses a variety of different therapeutic modalities, including (but not limited to):

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  1. Mindfulness & Breathing

    To making change, you have to build awareness first. Tapping into your body's innate wisdom will guide you on your healing journey

  2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    A modality of therapy shown to be very effective in managing IBS. It includes assessing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to understand your body responses (symptoms), and change your perception.

  3. Interoception

    Our psychologists uses a variety of different techniques (sensorimotor therapy, EMDR) to help you understand your body's internal states & sensations, and how to shape your experience of those.

  4. Integration

    Integrating these skills into how you take on not only your digestive symptoms but also your life!

Take charge of your IBS

Get Started with the Psychology Counselling Package for Gut Health

Our bodies communicate with us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them. - Shakti Gawain

Ignite's Most Popular Psychology Counselling Package

This package is for anyone looking to take charge of their IBS with therapy. Our specially designed 8-16 week package can help guide you to understanding how the gut-brain connection plays a role in your digestive symptoms, and help you build tools and understanding on how to manage it!

Please note, a la carte (per appointment) is available.

For patients with IBS looking to explore how the gut-brain connection plays a role in their symptoms.

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    Comprehensive Assessment with Your Psychologist

    One 1-hour initial assessment with your psychologist.

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    3 Follow-up Appointments

    Three 1-hour follow-up appointments with your psychologist.

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    Email Support

    Access to your psychologist via email for the duration of the package.

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    $880 Investment

    If you have access to extended benefits, your benefits plan may cover all or a portion of psychologist services. If not, keep in mind that these services are a tax-deductible medical expense!

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    A la Carte Available

    A la carte (per appointment payment) is available. Learn more about psychology counselling here!

We also cover important GI-related issues like:

  • Chronic pain. Living with gastrointestinal disorders often is accompanied by having to cope with chronic pain.
  • Fear of food. Our psychologists work alongside our dietitians to overcome and manage food fears and triggers
  • Sleep support & managing insomnia.
  • Medical trauma. Those that live with chronic conditions, especially those who have required a lot of medical tests and procedures can struggle with the impacts of medical trauma.
  • Peri menopause and menopause
  • Self esteem and its ties to body image and weight loss desires.

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