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Worried about SIBO?

Our dietitians are leading the profession in evidence based nutrition. Work with us to help manage your symptoms long term.

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There is tons of misinformation online - especially about SIBO.

Be sure you get the RIGHT information.

Have you heard about Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)?

If you are someone with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), it’s likely that you have. It’s becoming a “buzz word”, with some sources claiming IBS is actually SIBO in up to 60% of cases. With claims like that, we are finding many people are coming to us with questions.

We get it! IBS is a functional disorder, meaning although you have obvious symptoms, there is no inherent structural cause – and that is frustrating.

SIBO seems like the ‘perfect’ answer, a defined diagnosis and an actual treatment! Unfortunately, it’s not that clear-cut – and it’s leading to a lot of patients wasting time, money, and being bombarded with misinformation. Yes, we need to consider SIBO in some cases – but more importantly for you – was anything MISSED?

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At Ignite we take an evidence based, step-wise approach to understand your digestive symptoms, including:

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  1. Nutrition Management

    Use the power of nutrition to manage symptoms and improve digestive health.

  2. Stress & Lifestyle

    The gut-brain connection - learn what it is, and how you can improve it.

  3. Medication Management

    Non-pharmacological & prescription.

  4. The Gut Microbiome

    Keeping those gut bacteria healthy & happy.

Take charge of your digestive symptoms

Get Started with Ignite's 4 Pillar Plan Package™

Get to the bottom of your gut symptoms. Get started with nutrition counselling today!

Our Most Popular 4 Pillar Plan™ Package

This package is designed for anyone worried about or previously diagnosed with SIBO, IBS, or a functional gut disorder requiring the low FODMAP diet and our 4 Pillar Plan™ to help with management. Our specially designed 12-16 week program will help you feel in control of your symptoms in no time!

Please note, other packages and a la carte (per appointment) are available here.

Please note: hydrogen and methane breath testing is not part of this package and may be suggested in addition either through our health care system or privately – your choice!

For patients concerned about or diagnosed with SIBO

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    Comprehensive Assessment

    One 1-hour initial assessment with personalized care plan.

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    3 Follow-up Appointments

    Three 45 minute to 1-hour follow-up appointments with your dietitian.

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    Email Support

    Access to your dietitian via email for the duration of the package for questions (counselling must be done in session as there needs to be discussion and a collaborative approach.)

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    Menu Plan

    Access to our 4-week low FODMAP menu plan.

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    IBS Database

    Exclusive 4-month access to our IBS database including additional educational videos and mindfulness tools.

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    $720 Investment

    If you have access to extended benefits, your benefits plan may cover all or a portion of dietitian services. If not, keep in mind that dietitian services is a tax-deductible medical expense!

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    Other Packages Available

    Looking for more comprehensive care? Or maybe less of a commitment? Don’t worry – we have many package options to meet your needs and budget, including a la carte pricing at $190 per appointment, or package pricing of $180 per appointment.

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