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Healthy Eating

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Top 4 Tips To Beat Summer Bloat

Beat Summer Bloat

Does summer time mean dealing with summer bloat? It's common. Since we have so little time to truly enjoy nice weather in Canada, we hang up our aprons, spend time on patios, picnicking, barbecuing, and all in all, putting nutrition on the back burner. It's no wonder my gut clients complain that summer time makes them feel bloated & uncomfortable with the abundance of food! I thought I would share my top four tips with you to beat summer bloat! Top 4 Tips to Beat Summer Bloat Get CONSISTENT fibre. You're health conscious - and let's face it - you still gotta work. Chances are, you eat 'normal' on week days, and weekends are where things get out of hand. Going from week day eating - getting in...

Do You Have A Travelling Poop plan?

Do You Have a Travelling Poop Plan? | Guest Blog Kirsten Oilund

Do you have a travelling poop plan? You laugh - you maybe feel a bit uncomfortable even saying it - but how many of you struggle with your bowels while on the road? I know I DO. Which is why I was SO excited when Kirsten Oilund agreed to guest blog on the topic! Kirsten is one of my FAVORITE dietitians. She works in Jasper, Alberta, and runs a private practice called Jasper Nutrition.  If you don't follow her on social media - you probably should. Her food photography is on fleek - and her Instagram account is drool-worthy. Not to mention - she's brilliant, and provides practical advice, which I LOVE! Without further ado...

Dietition Explanation On BT

Foods that Fight Stress! | Nutrition Month

Oh my goodness guys, yesterday I had the BEST time on Breakfast Television talking about foods that fight stress! We made a stress busting oatmeal cookie smoothie, which, of course I made low FODMAP for all my IBS'ers with TONS of stress busting ingredients. I had the opportunity to work with Quaker Oats, as well as Manitoba Harvest, two companies I'm SO proud to represent. We talked about how smart snacking can help to manage stress. Ever find you tend to gravitate towards carbs when you're stressed? I know I do! Carbohydrate intake influences serotonin release in our body - our 'happy hormone'. It's no WONDER you tend to gravitate towards carbs when you're stressed! Usually, when my clients are stressed they tend to go for 'quick energy' - simple carbohydrates...

What Are Pulses? A Dietitian Explains.

What Are Pulses? | International Year of the Pulse

Hey all! I'm sure many of you know, but I'm taking part this year in Pulse Canada's Pulse Pledge! For those of you who DON'T know, it's the International Year of the Pulses! I've had many people ask - Andrea - what are pulses? Well. Let me tell you. A pulse is the actual edible part of the legume! Think chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, and green peas (the 'legume kind'). Many people aren't so sure about beans and lentils. I find if you didn't grow up eating them, you might have them in chili, every once and a while, but you tend to not include them in your diet. However, I think there is a great movement towards including them, and rightfully so - I'm a huge proponent...

Egg whites only

Egg Whites Only? Think Again! | A Dietitian Explains

Hey all! I'm so excited to bring you this AMAZING guest post by Caroline Susie, a registered dietitian from Dallas, Texas, y'all! I met her on social media - and flipping immediately loved her message and all she talks about on her blog! When I read that she loved research, and that her mission was to do her best to tell you 'why you should give a shit about food' - I knew she was my soul-sister! Raise your hand if you give a shit about what you eat! I get the question about egg whites a TON in my practice. I thought the myth was left in the '90's - where it belonged! However - it still comes up. Fear over egg yolks. Gah! Eat...

Should I Drink Charcoal Water?

Should I drink charcoal water? | A Dietitian Perspective

I don’t know what it is about summer, but I just can’t seem to get my creative butt in gear to blog post for y’all! I’ve been painting with water colors, taking photography, and other creative things, but my drive to write has hit an all-time low. However, a discussion I had the other day with a girlfriend sparked the curiosity in me when she asked me about charcoal water, and if she should be drinking it. She had seen on Pinterest (read: the place where bad nutrition information goes to thrive) and was wondering if it had any benefits whatsoever. What is charcoal water? First off. What is charcoal water? It tends to be water, with activated charcoal dissolved into it, however there seems to be a...