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Top 10 Dietitians In Calgary – Bragging Rights!

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Top 10 Dietitians In Calgary – Bragging Rights! Featured Image

Announcement: Top 10 Dietitians in Calgary

I’ve been in holiday mode – forgive my unusual amount of quietness lately! While I was on holidays, I was contacted by Crowd Wellness wondering if it would be ok to list me on their ‘Top 10 Dietitians in Calgary’ list. After their extensive research, combing through the private practice dietitians and bloggers in Calgary, they chose ME! (Along with 9 other fantastic, prominent RD’s in my community!)

Needless to say, I was blown away. I bust my butt off for this blog. Constantly researching, learning, and growing my community of mentees. But sometimes feeling like my hard work and the amount of time I put into each project didn’t pay off. I think all new business owners get a new perspective on rejection and failure when they jump head-first into starting their own businesses! And for those of you who know me, they tend to know that ‘failure’ is not in my vocabulary. Whereas ‘best’ ‘champion’ & ‘I am Beyonce, always’ (thank you to Michael Scott for my much recited mantra #theoffice) are things I am constantly working towards. It’s SO nice to be recognized for what I represent. It truly helps to re-ignite my motivation to be successful in business. (pun intended!)

The exciting thing about Crowd Wellness is its community-focused approach to wellness, focusing on developing relationships, while working to create a discussion about various aspects of health. I appreciate that they’ve chosen reputable health professionals in a variety of communities to act as ‘experts’ on their site. I think it will add to validity and accuracy of the information that is being put forth. Something that is SO important to me on my blog! No bullshit y’all.

Top 10 Dietitians in Calgary | Andrea Hardy Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I’m so excited for the honours! It definitely moves me to do an even better job on my blog and business!

I can’t wait to move forward with my upcoming projects. I know I’ve previously promised an e-book BUT I have been ACTUALLY working on something better. I’m not going to disclose too much information yet. Once I’m about 25% of the way into the project I will share more.

But I must tell you that, if you AREN’T on the email list – get on it – NOW! You will most certainly be getting EXCLUSIVE ACCESS. As well as SWEET BONUSES on top of what I will be offering with the project. It’s a life-style GAME-CHANGER. Mind-blowing, life-changing stuff we’re talking about here! We’re talking a united front on rolling our eyes at all the nutrition garbage that litters Pinterest, Facebook, and of course Dr. Oz’s show!

Well, that was much different than my usual post. A rant, advice, or a recipe is normally included, but, I think I’ll just enjoy my day in the spotlight today.


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