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Low FODMAP Treats

Feature, Gut Health & IBS | September 17, 2018

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A low FODMAP diet is often misinterpreted as a strict ‘healthy food’ diet that doesn’t allow for treats and sweets. While it is true that many savory and sweet desserts do contain high FODMAP ingredients, there are many you can still enjoy. Following a low FODMAP diet should not mean that you can’t enjoy delicious goodies!

How to Pick a Low FODMAP Treat

It is important to look at the ingredients when choosing sweets. Often an ingredient can be known by more than one name, or it is unclear in what quantity you may be able to consume a moderate FODMAP food. Ingredients including, but not limited to high fructose corn syrup (or gluose-fructose), honey, and agave syrup are high in FODMAP compounds, but ingredients like sugar, corn syrup, and cane sugar are low.

As soon as the ingredients get more complex, I tend to recommend keeping the Monash App on hand, as many of the sugars have been tested. It is the best way to ‘double check’ if you’re uncertain.

To save you time, we’ve created a list of foods we’ve checked the ingredients on, and are low FODMAP!

We have broken the list down to sweet, salty, and creamy treats, so please feel free to jump to the section that satisfies your taste buds first! And remember, the low FODMAP diet is NOT all or nothing – so if you do happen to have a high FODMAP treat, don’t panic! Take note of how you feel, and remember to let your dietitian know your reactions – it can be especially helpful during the reintroduction phase.

photo divided into 4 quadrants. Upper left quadrant has a photo of popcorn, upper right is a photo of chocolates and raspberries, bottom left is raspberry popsicles, and bottom right is chocolate chip cookies.

Salty Low FODMAP Treats:

#1 Lays Classic Chips

 Yes, that’s right! The classic original Lays chips are low FODMAP containing only potatoes, vegetable oil and salt. It serves as a great grab n’ go snack that has a good chance of satisfying yourself and everyone else at your next potluck party!

#2 Fritos Original

You can spice it up a little bit with these Corn-style chips that are also Low FODMAP! Try the classic or the lightly salted version for a great nibbler.

#3 Mary’s Organic Crackers 

These crackers are a healthier alternative to chips, so I wanted to add it on here as another salty option! They contain brown rice, quinoa, and flax seed. They make for a great mid-day snack especially when paired with slices of cheddar cheese! There are many varieties, but stick to the original while on the low FODMAP diet, as the seasoned ones may have onion or garlic.

#4 FODY BBQ chips

One of the hardest parts of finding a low FODMAP salty snack is being able to find a seasoned chip or cracker that hasn’t been spiced with a high FODMAP compound. It can be a little trickier, but the brand FODY foods is definitely an alternative. If you are craving some additional seasoning, give their low FODMAP BBQ chips a try!

#5 Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzels  

Don’t forget about pretzels! They can also serve as great salty nibblers and the original Glutino gluten-free pretzels are a great grab when on a low FODMAP diet. The gluten free ingredients ensure that they were not made with high FODMAP wheat, and the taste is surely not compromised!

#6 Popcorn

One of my favourite go-to snacks is popcorn. A bit of butter and salt, and I’m happy! It makes for the perfect low FODMAP, high fibre snack.

#7 Rachel Pauls Food Beef Jerky

Finding a beef jerky with no onion, garlic is next to impossible. Luckily, Rachel Pauls Foods makes it easy for low FODMAPPER’s to get their fix of this salty snack. Not to mention, beef jerky is a great source of protein, and will help keep you full longer! Our favorite is the Tangy Jerky but also comes in regular and hot!

Creamy Low FODMAP Treats:

I have to admit that the creamy treats were the hardest category. When I think of creamy, I think of ice cream, milk chocolate, and other dairy products. However, these ingredients often contain lactose, which is a high FODMAP. This can make enjoying creamy treats very difficult. Not to worry, there are still some lactose-free treats that you can enjoy on the low FODMAP diet, but you will just have to be a little more cautious. These 3 treats below can serve as a great go-to when you are in the mood for a creamy treat!

#1 Camino Dark Chocolate Bars

Camino chocolate bars are a great option when you want that satisfying melt-in-your-mouth creamy chocolate. When you stick to the dark chocolate varieties you don’t have to worry about any milk products that may upset your GI tract.  Camino brands are also great because there is more than just the original plain dark chocolate. I personally love the orange dark chocolate bar, but they also sell the raspberry chocolate bar, espresso dark chocolate, extra dark, mint dark chocolate!

#2 Fiasco Dairy-free Raspberry-lime Sorbetto

Fiasco’s dairy-free sorbetto can be a great treat when you are craving something creamy. This raspberry-lime sorbetto is refreshing on a hot day, as it is bursting with a fruity flavour! At my local grocery store, Raspberry-lime was the only low FOMAP option in stock, but online Fiasco also makes Strawberry-Rhubarb, Blueberry-Basil, and Zesty-lemon. You may be able to find these other unique flavours at your local store, but just make sure to stick to the dairy-free varieties so that the lactose does not bug you!

#3 PC Superfruit Skyr Lactose Free Bar

Here is a great alternative to ice cream! While the super fruits do technically contain ‘blackberry’ – there is just no way there is a whole blackberry in the bar, so I would say, by my expert opinion, it’s low FODMAP. (plus – the controversy around blackberries actually containing sorbitol is fierce!) These are my faves for a creamy snack that’s like ice-cream!

Sweet Low FODMAP Treats:

#1 Glutino Gluten-free Lemon Wafers

These Lemon wafers are a great sweet treat! They are made with a potato starch and cane sugar, which are both low FODMAP ingredients!

#2 Dark Chocolate Strawberry Dipper 

I could definitely eat a full box of these! These strawberries covered in dark chocolate are a great sweet treat while on a low FODMAP diet! Enjoy right from your freezer, or allow them to thaw at room temperature for a couple of minutes before consuming.  They also come in individually wrapped packages so they are easily portioned controlled. If strawberries are not your favourite, try the dark chocolate dipped pineapple!

#3 Made Good Soft Baked Mini Cookies

I love the products from MadeGood as an option for the low FODMAP diet.  the soft baked mini chocolate chip cookies are a great option as they have no added inulin and gluten-free mixed flour. Be careful, as some of their other products DO have inulin in them.

#4 Walkers Gluten-Free Shortbread Cookies

Walkers Gluten-free Shortbread cookies allow you to still enjoy the buttery flavour of shortbread without the high FODMAP ingredients of wheat flour.

#5 Prana Carazel Chocolate Bark (with Caramelized nuts and sea salt)

This snack is perfect for those who just can’t decide between sweet or salty! This chocolate bark contains 62% cocao, with nuts and sea salt. Just be careful not to eat the full bag as it contains hazelnuts and almonds (which can be high FODMAP above 10 nuts each). Stick to the portion size on the nutrition label to ensure that you are consuming a low FODMAP portion – because hazelnuts & almonds, in large portions can become high FODMAP!

photo divided into 4 quadrants. Upper left quadrant has a photo of popcorn, upper right is a photo of chocolates and raspberries, bottom left is raspberry popsicles, and bottom right is chocolate chip cookies.

Low FODMAP treats, snack ideas, sweet, salty, and creamy flavoured ideas for low FODMAP diet and IBS diet. Ignite Nutrition Inc. Andrea Hardy Registered Dietitian and gut health expert Calgary Alberta


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