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Top 10 IBS and FODMAP Blogs

Feature, Gut Health & IBS | October 25, 2017

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Top 10 IBS and FODMAP Blogs Featured Image

Finding credible IBS and low FODMAP information can be daunting. At Ignite, we really think there is no sense in re-inventing the wheel – which is why we’ve decided to do a round up post of our FAVOURITE blogs to send clients to for additional, and credible FODMAP information. The COOL thing about the community of FODMAP and IBS experts is, we’re all kinda friends. Through social media we’ve connected, and we share each other’s excellent IBS information – because ultimately, our collective goals are to reach more people and help them with their IBS.

Without further adieu, let me brag to you about my AMAZING colleagues – in no particular order, since they’re all equally as amazing! (co-written by Ignite’s Nutrition student, Amy Pun).

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Top 10 IBS & FODMAP Blogs

Joanna Baker – Everyday Nutrition

Joanna Baker is a registered dietitian based in Melbourne, Australia. She is the founder of Everyday Nutrition. Like me, Joanna has suffered from IBS and food intolerances her whole life and completely understands the frustration of unexpected gut symptoms and dietary restrictions. In order to help us discover important facts and new information, she regularly updates her beautiful Instagram feed to highlight Everyday Nutrition’s latest blog posts, low FODMAP recipes and short but informative facts related to IBS. So, if you are someone who is short on time but enjoys browsing Instagram during your spare time, then you should definitely follow her Instagram page for new updates!

Audrey Inouye – IBS Nutrition

Audrey Inouye is a registered dietitian with 15 years of experience who is based in Edmonton, Canada. Guys – when I have a low FODMAP question, I turn to Audrey. She is always on the up and up, and actually runs many of the IBS Facebook groups online – where she moderates and answers tons of FODMAP questions. She is the founder of IBS Nutrition, a site that specializes in IBS dietary management with the low FODMAP diet. Audrey knows that eating out can be daunting for individuals with IBS. Audrey has created an amazing Low FODMAP Eating Out Guide to help with JUST that!

Alana Scott – A Little Bit Yummy

Alana Scott is the founder of the website “A Little Bit Yummy”. Afflicted with celiac disease, lactose intolerance, nut allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Alana understands how much trouble an individual with multiple food intolerances needs to go through when deciding what to eat each day. “A Little Bit Yummy” offers numerous allergy-free and low-FODMAP recipes to make cooking simple, fun, and delicious. Plus, finding recipes that will suit all of your dietary needs is SO easy with her advanced search feature. My favorite recipe? Mini Sweet Potato & Carrot Casseroles, which are filled with fiber- and vitamin A-rich ingredients that support immune and gut health.


 IrritableBowelSyndrome.net is a community-based website where individuals touched by IBS, caregivers and healthcare professionals connect and share their experiences. The website features articles written by healthcare professionals and research experts to keep you up to date with the latest treatments, clinical studies and IBS management tips. Did you know that that I’m (Andrea Hardy RD) a regular contributor to IrritableBowelSyndrome.net? Be sure to check out her article to learn about the Four Pillars of Gut Health.

Kate Scarlata – For A Digestive Piece of Mind

Kate Scarlata is a registered dietitian based in Massachusetts, United States. I consider her to be one of my mentors in practice. She was my GO-TO when I was first learning about IBS, and even now, I continue to learn so much from her. She is a co-author of the New York Times Top 9 Best Selling book “21-day Tummy”. Kate is not only a healthcare provider but also a major intestinal resection survivor.  With that in mind, she has created a “Digestive Peace of Mind” blog dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to know about FODMAPs. Before you go grocery shopping for your holiday feast, don’t forget her low FODMAP grocery list! It will help you narrow down what ingredients you should buy and spare you from gut troubles after the feast.

Patsy Catsos – IBS Free!

Patsy Catsos is a registered dietitian from Portland, Maine, United States. She is a medical nutrition therapist, FODMAP expert and author. She completed her undergraduate studies at Cornell University followed by Master’s degree at Boston University. Instead of highlighting high FODMAP foods that IBS individuals cannot eat, Patsy focuses her attention on what IBS individuals CAN eat. Her book, The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook, details the strategies of this revolutionary approach. If you are currently on the low FODMAP diet and still have gut troubles, you may want to read her article about the signs that a low FODMAP diet is not right for you. The answers to your concern may be found within!

Lee Martin, R & M Dietetic

Lee Martin is a Registered Dietitian based in London, United Kingdom. He is a gastroenterology dietitian specialist who completed the FODMAP training at King’s College to provide evidence-based IBS treatments. He conducts research that focuses on the long-term effects of the low FODMAP diet and provides group education for individuals suffering from IBS. He has some awesome resources available at R & M Dietetic here – not to mention, he has a TON of great stuff on his Twitter account! His passion is helping people with the reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet.

Lauren Renlund, RD

Lauren Renlund is a registered dietitian based in London, Ontario. As an individual who suffers from IBS herself, she advocates the use of the Low FODMAP diet for management of symptoms and health improvements. Lauren’s passion for food, nutrition and digestive issues is highlighted in her extensive IBS collection on Pinterest, which touches on just about everything – from recipes to dietitian advice! Whenever I plan my meals, I have no trouble planning the main dish, but pairing it with the right sides is such a struggle.

Emma Hatcher – She Can’t Eat What?

Emma Hatcher is the author of The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen cookbook – a cook book with super simple, delicious low FODMAP recipes. Because finding recipes that actually suit your life, and don’t require a ton of elaborate ingredients and time is often hard to find. What I love about her cookbook is it’s FODMAP Friendly certified, meaning that all the recipes are for SURE low FODMAP. Such a great resource for those looking to add some variety to their low FODMAP cooking!

Top 10 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and FODMAP blogs online - Ignite Nutrition's top favourite blogs to refer patients to for additional information | Ignite Nutrition is a registered dietitian nutritionist company in Calgary Alberta specializing in gastrointestinal disorders - helping people manage IBS effectively all over Canada

And that’s my 10 go-to’s for low FODMAP information and advice! Of course, you can always hop over to the Ignite Blog for all Ignite’s up-to-date information on digestive and gut health, or check out some of our free or paid resources at courses.nutritionacademy.co – our online school for helping people improve their nutrition knowledge!

Do you have any go-to’s for FODMAP information? Share in the comments below!



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