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March is Nutrition Month! Let’s stop the food fight.

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March is Nutrition Month! Let’s stop the food fight. Featured Image

March is Nutrition Month! My online school, Nutrition Academy has been putting something HUGE together.

Many of you are familiar with the event we hosted last year – a virtual summit with dietitian volunteers contributing content – and it was SUCH a big hit, we decided to do it again!

PRESENTING: Nutrition Summit 2017 – Nutrition Academy’s free, month-long, online learning event celebrating Nutrition Month!

Nutrition Month 2017 is ALL about Taking the Fight out of Food!

This year, Dietitians across the WORLD are coming together to bring YOU #dietitianapproved webinars, videos, tips, tricks, recipes, and MORE on how to improve your relationship with food, no matter what the circumstance!

Let’s make eating FUN again.

Do you find yourself in a battle with food – fighting at the dinner table, with confusing information, with gut issues, stress eating, or nutrition for a health condition?


We tackle Canadian’s TOP FIVE food and nutrition questions, and teach YOU important skills in how to determine what advice out there is accurate, and what is best ignored.

Let’s stop our struggles with food! [REGISTER HERE]

We teach you how to:

  • Featured Event: March 1st – Crush the Food Fads – by Andrea Hardy RD (9:00 AM MST)
  • Featured Live Event: March 6th – Beat the Bloat – End Digestive Woes – by Andrea Hardy RD (6:00 PM MST)
  • Featured Live Event: March 13th – Picky Eaters – How parents can role model positive eating – by Susan Watson RD (6 pm MST)
  • Featured Live Event: March 20th – Steps to eat mindfully -How to have your cake and eat it too by Susan Watson RD & Andrea Hardy RD (6 pm MST)
  • March 27th – How to Be Confident in your Nutrition Choices to Optimize Your Health – by Helene Charlebois RD, hosted by Susan Watson RD (6 pm MST)
  • March 29th – Eating Well for Managing Blood Sugars & Diabetes – Susan Watson, RD (6 pm MST)

*As well as TONS of other great content from over 50 dietitians around the world!

Are you:

  • tired of friends and family giving you well-meaning, but questionable nutrition advice?
  • not sure WHAT nutrition information to believe anymore
  • question nutrition information on the internet, even though it looks credible?
  • feel like your drowning in conflicting nutrition information?

It’s time you take the Fight out of Food. 


Is the event free? REALLY?!

YES!!!!! Dietitians from around the world have VOLUNTEERED their best content and time to share. It’s free. We want to CELEBRATE nutrition month.

What if I can’t attend the live event?

No worries! The replays will be available for you ALL month to watch on your own time. The content will be released per week, and if you sign up you’ll get notified with all the exciting events, new blogs, recipes, and more.

I don’t know if I have a ‘food fight’ issue per say…..

We totally get it. This year, the theme is SO huge, we’ve found it’s been a bit overwhelming to wrap even our heads around! That’s why we’ve broken content into 5 categories:

  1. Confusing and conflicting online information (we all see it on Facebook every day!)
  2. Digestive issues (upper and lower – do you suffer from reflux, gas, bloating, discomfort?)
  3. Picky eaters (adults and kids!)
  4. Stress eating (find yourself staring into the pantry looking for answers?)
  5. Nutrition for disease states (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, you name it, we cover it!)

If NONE of these resonate with you, we have a ton of fun reads and recipes, too!

That covers our FAQ – but if you have ANY other questions about Nutrition Month – give me an email! We hope to see you signed up at our EVENT!

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