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IBS & Alcohol: A Guide to Low FODMAP Alcohol

August 7, 2023

Navigating dietary restrictions can be a challenging journey. For those following the Low FODMAP diet, the question of whether alcohol is allowed often comes up. As a digestive health dietitian, I get asked about alcohol all the time! Especially since having a drink is often part of socializing with others.  …

3 brown gift boxes with red string tied around them. They are sitting on a patterned blanket surrounded by ornaments and gift wrapping bows.

Dietitian Approved 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Digestive Health

November 28, 2022

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may be wondering what gifts you can give your gut to breeze through the holidays. It can be a challenging time of year if you have GI issues! Or perhaps you have a friend or family member you’re shopping for who has digestive…

A child in a pink shirt sits on a toilet reading a book.

Nutrition for Kids with Diarrhea: What you need to know

January 4, 2022

Diarrhea is when bowel movements are more frequent, loose, and watery than usual. In children, sometimes this can be completely normal, sometimes it might mean your kiddo is unwell, and other times there could be more going on to cause these changes in stool frequency and consistency. At…

Fingers pointing at woman in larger body.

Diet Culture and Owning Your Own Health

October 4, 2021

Navigating through the world is tricky enough right now and then there are the added pressures of diet culture and the “thin ideal”. Although this is nothing new in our society. With so much pressure to look thin, lose weight, and pursue health at all costs, things become even more…

Pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant? Here are the top 10 nutrients for a health pregnancy. For more support work with one of our registered dietitians at Ignite Nutrition in Calgary, Alberta

Top 10 Nutrients for a Healthy Pregnancy

May 24, 2021

Whether you’ve just found out you’re pregnant or are planning on getting pregnant soon, it’s never too early to start thinking about your nutrition. Research now shows that your nutrition while pregnant not only affects your child throughout their lifetime, but it may actually affect your future grandchildren as well.

Need help starting solids with your baby? Our pediatric dietitian at Ignite Nutrition in Calgary, Alberta can help!

Starting Solids With Your Baby

April 26, 2021

Starting your baby with solid foods is an exciting time! But we have a lot of parents ask questions like: When is the right time?How do I know what foods to feed my baby?How do I know how much food my baby needs?How often do I feed them?Should I try…

Dark pink coloured smoothie in a glass next to half of an avocado and a dish filled with some blackberries in the background.

10-Minute Bye Bye Constipation Smoothie Recipe

November 23, 2020

Struggling with constipation? This dietitian-designed constipation smoothie is a good source of fiber, and can help with constipation in both kids and adults (and quickly!) It blends blackberries, kiwi, and avocado, with probiotic yogurt, milk and ground flax seeds. Nourishing, relieving, and ready in 10 minutes! Not only is…

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest, most enjoyable and easiest to sustain. Work with a registered dietitian with Ignite Nutrition in Calgary, Alberta to get started.

Is the Mediterranean diet good for gut health?

September 14, 2020

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most studied diets in the world. It is ranked as being healthy, enjoyable, and most importantly, one of the easiest to sustain. The Mediterranean diet is not a fad diet doesn’t make empty promises with a long list of foods or food groups…

How to manage picky eaters - tips from our top paediatric Calgary dietitian

Top Dietitian Tips for Picky Eaters

June 8, 2020

Do you have a picky eater at home? Picky eating for parents can be one of the most challenging and frustrating times. Parents tell me having a picky eater takes the joy out of family meals and the joy out of cooking. I have a lot of parents tell me…

Do you have a child struggling with constipation? Our paediatric dietitian discusses constipation in children and how nutrition can help!

Nutrition for Constipated Kids

May 11, 2020

Chronic constipation affects 15-30% of Canadians with the majority being children and the elderly. Only a small portion of parents actually seek medical support for their kids. At Ignite Nutrition our Pediatric Dietitian is an expert in digestive disorders and pediatric nutrition. It is common to find a lot of…