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5 Reasons to NOT cut carbs for gut health

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5 Reasons to NOT cut carbs for gut health Featured Image

This week (November 27th) on #AskADietitian I talk about my top 5 reasons WHY it might not be in your best interest to hop on this ketogenic, low carb craze, and what we need to consider about gut health.

Guys. Are any of you still doing the cabbage soup diet? How about the grapefruit diet? MMMM…. I think not. Why? They’re FADS! Marketers have caught on to the fact that you KNOW it, and have started positioning all this crazy shit like it’s a lifestyle. At the end of the day a diet is a diet is a diet – let’s get real and talk about the long term risks, and things that you might not think of as harmful to your health.

SO many people feel like ‘well, there’s no harm ‘just trying’ – butttttt I’d beg to differ. Watch what I have to say about carbs, gut health, and the top 5 reasons why you might want to rethink it.

Andrea Hardy
About the Author

Andrea Hardy

Andrea Hardy is known in the media as Canada's Gut Health Dietitian. With her expertise, she has spoken internationally on all things digestive health, from SIBO, to the gut microbiome, to IBS. As owner of Ignite Nutrition, she has trained her team in the 4 Pillar Approach™️ to digestive health management - our comprehensive, evidence-based approach to managing digestive issues.

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