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Prioritizing Nutrition and 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

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Our colleague Andrea D’Ambrosio has this amazing post on 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Prioritizing Nutrition, we thought it was perfect timing with it being a new year so we decided to guest feature it on our blog!

Andrea D’Ambrosio with Dietetics Directions guest blogs

This time of year, people often prioritize healthy eating but struggle with some of the barriers. Andrea D goes through her 5 common pitfalls she sees patients run into when embarking on improving their nutrition!

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Prioritizing Nutrition

  1. Skipping meals or delaying eating: If you skip meals or delay eating that is a clear sign you are not prioritizing nutrition. Yet we often see it as a way to control intake, or possibly because we’ve prioritized other things ahead of eating – See the full post for why we do it and your reality check to get on track and put fuelling your body first (we promise whatever you’re doing can wait – you’ll be better focused and fuelled up to take on your tasks!)
  2. Avoiding cooking: Cooking can be a lot of work, but when you don’t take the time to plan and cook your meals you’re not making nutrition a priority. It can take too much time, and many times people lack confidence and competence in the kitchen.  Here’s some solutions to get you started!
  3. High Stress: Oftentimes in a stress state we are in survival mode and not usually making the healthiest choices. Here’s some tips to reduce your stress.
  4. Resisting Planning: Nutritious meals don’t just happen, they require a little planning. Many think ‘meal planning’ is 1 skill when in fact its many tiny little skills we have to tie together! To learn some basics of meal planning, read this!
  5. Perfection Paralysis: Maybe you have tried before and failed and now you think it’s not even worth trying if you don’t do it perfectly the first time. One step at a time, click here to get started!
Andrea D’Ambrosio with Dietetics Directions guest blogs about the 5 Pitfalls to avoid when prioritizing nutrition.

Bottom Line:

Only you can decide if nutrition is important enough to prioritize. What will prioritizing nutrition look like in your life? If you are having a hard time prioritizing nutrition, you may have fallen into one of the Top 5 Pitfalls for Prioritizing Nutrition. 

Work with a dietitian to help you prioritize your nutrition and avoid these 5 pitfalls!

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