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Interview Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research

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Interview Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research Featured Image

Ok guys. Sorry this has taken SO long! WAY back when, after Natasha and I had attended the Gut Microbiome for Health conference, she and I sat down to talk about up and coming research. Natasha is BRILLIANT and currently doing microbiome research in Kelowna. I’m SO excited to see her findings when she finishes her study!

Catch the FULL interview here:

Interview with Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research

Andrea Hardy
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Andrea Hardy

Andrea Hardy is known in the media as Canada's Gut Health Dietitian. With her expertise, she has spoken internationally on all things digestive health, from SIBO, to the gut microbiome, to IBS. As owner of Ignite Nutrition, she has trained her team in the 4 Pillar Approach™️ to digestive health management - our comprehensive, evidence-based approach to managing digestive issues.

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