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Do You Have A Travelling Poop plan?

Do You Have a Travelling Poop Plan? | Guest Blog Kirsten Oilund

Do you have a travelling poop plan? You laugh - you maybe feel a bit uncomfortable even saying it - but how many of you struggle with your bowels while on the road? I know I DO. Which is why I was SO excited when Kirsten Oilund agreed to guest blog on the topic! Kirsten is one of my FAVORITE dietitians. She works in Jasper, Alberta, and runs a private practice called Jasper Nutrition.  If you don't follow her on social media - you probably should. Her food photography is on fleek - and her Instagram account is drool-worthy. Not to mention - she's brilliant, and provides practical advice, which I LOVE! Without further ado...

5 Tips For Travelling With IBS

Top 5 Tips for Travelling with IBS

Hey Ya'll. IBS and the low FODMAP diet appears cut and dry. A big list of don't eats. Appears easy on the surface. But once you actually begin to implement it, you realize that it is actually QUITE HARD to do practically. One of the biggest struggles my clients have is with travelling. So I am SO glad to introduce Liz from Fodmappin' the Globe. She is literally travelling the WORLD right now, while following a modified low FODMAP diet! So to say she is an expert in the practical implementation of FODMAP's is an understatement. When she agreed to guest blog on her top 5 tips for travelling with IBS, I was THRILLED! So without further adieu...

How To Eat Healthy While Travelling

How to Eat Healthy While Travelling

I’ll admit. I’ve been putting off blogging for a while. And the longer I put it off, the more pressure I felt to produce something wonderful for you. Today marks 1 month from my last blog post – a far departure of my goal to blog every two weeks. So, to get myself out of a rut, I’m going to blog about something comfortable to me. Feeling a bit of writer’s block, a lack of inspiration, I asked my husband what he wanted to know about. And you know what? He had a great answer. How do I eat healthy while travelling? Such a great question, one I frequently get with my low-fodmappers, and those working towards weight management. In this post, I’m going to address the...