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10 Minute Chicken Sausage Saute

Nutrition Month 2018 – Unlock the Power of Food!

We kicked off Nutrition Month 2018 today on Breakfast Television Calgary - talking about unlocking the power of food! I’m loving this unique approach - because we talk A LOT about food relationship at Ignite, and food relationship starts with the family. Food isn't just fuel, but as something that is at the core of our families, cultures, and traditions. Food has the potential to encourage discovery and connection, to fuel, prevent disease, and promote healing. Food is so much more than nourishment - it’s about connection. Leah and I talked about my TOP TIPS to create connection in the kitchen with your family, while incorporating healthy, simple choices. We made my Chicken 'Sausage' Saute, which is a weeknight FAVE at our house. Why it's so awesome: It has SO...

Dietition Explanation On BT

Foods that Fight Stress! | Nutrition Month

Oh my goodness guys, yesterday I had the BEST time on Breakfast Television talking about foods that fight stress! We made a stress busting oatmeal cookie smoothie, which, of course I made low FODMAP for all my IBS'ers with TONS of stress busting ingredients. I had the opportunity to work with Quaker Oats, as well as Manitoba Harvest, two companies I'm SO proud to represent. We talked about how smart snacking can help to manage stress. Ever find you tend to gravitate towards carbs when you're stressed? I know I do! Carbohydrate intake influences serotonin release in our body - our 'happy hormone'. It's no WONDER you tend to gravitate towards carbs when you're stressed! Usually, when my clients are stressed they tend to go for 'quick energy' - simple carbohydrates...