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Microbiome in Pregnancy

Microbiome in Pregnancy

Can I just take a second to introduce my AMAZING colleague, Sarah O’Hara, RD? She runs a private practice here in Calgary specializing in prenatal and PCOS nutrition. When she suggested writing a blog post on the microbiome and pregnancy - I was ALL over that. As a gut health dietitian - the microbiome, especially in infancy BLOWS my mind. So let’s get to it! Microbiome 101 The human “microbiome” refers to the community of microorganisms living in/on our bodies. It outnumbers our own cells by a factor of 10, contains upwards of 100 trillion cells and a collective 27 times more genes than the human genome. (That’s a LOT of microbes!) The species diversity and abundance vary depending upon the location in/on our bodies: our skin,...

Nine IBS Triggers That aren't FODMAPs

IBS Triggers that aren’t FODMAP’s

Have you ever wondered why, despite following the low FODMAP diet 'perfectly', you still have IBS symptoms? IBS is a complex condition where the low FODMAP diet can HELP - however I always explain it like a 'bandaid' solution - and putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. I review the top 9 IBS triggers I see in my practice that aren't FODMAP related - and how to fix them! Catch the replay of my #AskADietitian Facebook Live: IBS Triggers That Aren't FODMAPS My Top 9 Triggers That Aren't FODMAP's Stress Eating Quickly Meal Spacing Hormones Sleep Medications Spicy Foods Alcohol High Fat Foods I go into detail in the video about each one! Be sure to watch it. (Also - I love that on...

Interview With Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research

Interview with Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research

Ok guys. Sorry this has taken SO long! WAY back when, after Natasha and I had attended the Gut Microbiome for Health conference, she and I sat down to talk about up and coming research. Natasha is BRILLIANT and currently doing microbiome research in Kelowna. I'm SO excited to see her findings when she finishes her study! Catch the FULL interview here: Interview with Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research ...