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Smart School Lunches

Smart School Lunches

With September RIGHT around the corner, I've been getting a ton of questions, and noticing a lot of parents feeling a bit stressed about packing school lunches. Parents often times struggle with foods coming back uneaten, feeling pressure to produce 'Pinterest-worthy' lunches, and generally, just feeling overwhelmed with providing balanced nutritious lunches. I was LIVE on Breakfast Television Calgary to give my TOP TIPS for packing Smart School Lunches, and tackling those top stressors! You can watch the replay here: Tip 1: Have the RIGHT equipment Have a variety of tupperware, plastic bags, and thermoses, ice-packs, and insulated lunch bags to keep hot foods hot, and cold foods cold. Often times, if foods are mushy, or at the wrong temperature, they can be unappealing! I find packing foods in individual...