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Ask A Dietitian Live With Andrea Hardy, RD

My Interview with SIBO Survivor – Josh Sabourin

Hey Ya'll. As you ALL know, I started a series called #AskADietitian - which I host every week on Facebook Live. We recently moved to Monday mornings for the summer - if you want to catch all the action - hop over to my Facebook Page to hear what I have to say, or better yet, ask me a question I can answer for you during one of my live jams! Josh Sabourin, from SIBO survivor reached out to me to ask if he could guest post about his SIBO story on my blog. I said I'd do him one better - that I'd rather interview him - because as I say, people connect with people. With IBS, and SIBO, hearing someone's story, who's been through it, been...

Top 4 Tips To Beat Summer Bloat

Beat Summer Bloat

Does summer time mean dealing with summer bloat? It's common. Since we have so little time to truly enjoy nice weather in Canada, we hang up our aprons, spend time on patios, picnicking, barbecuing, and all in all, putting nutrition on the back burner. It's no wonder my gut clients complain that summer time makes them feel bloated & uncomfortable with the abundance of food! I thought I would share my top four tips with you to beat summer bloat! Top 4 Tips to Beat Summer Bloat Get CONSISTENT fibre. You're health conscious - and let's face it - you still gotta work. Chances are, you eat 'normal' on week days, and weekends are where things get out of hand. Going from week day eating - getting in...

Low FODMAP Granola Bars

Low Fodmap Granola Bars

I have been getting a ton of questions about low FODMAP granola bars in my private practice. I often don’t blog about IBS, yet it makes up the majority of my private practice - and is one of my favourite nutrition topics. So I’m going to get better at blogging about IBS and the low FODMAP diet once a month. You heard it here, now you can hold me accountable. “Hey, Andrea, where’s the IBS post you PROMISED?!” should be enough to get my butt in gear to blog. In all seriousness, I have a ton of resources and great suggestions made up for my clients, however I never seem to get around to sharing with EVERYONE. So my year 2 blogging goal is to get on...