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How Prebiotics Help Gut Health

How Prebiotics Help Gut Health

Do you take a probiotic for gut health every day? Let me stop you righttttt there. While probiotics may be helpful in managing specific conditions – what REALLY matters when it comes to gut health are ‘prebiotics’. See the difference there? Pre, versus Pro. Many of you may know that probiotics are living bacteria. However, when I say the word ‘pre’biotic – people often give me a funny look. No, I’m not just pronouncing probiotic incorrectly, pre and probiotics are two different things! (to throw some confusion in the mix ‘post-biotics’ is now a thing too). So, what are ‘prebiotics’? Prebiotics are beneficial compounds that act as food for bacteria and can improve our health. Prebiotics are undigestible parts of food that reach the colon without being absorbed, for...

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Dietitians as Gut Health Ambassadors

Guys. This is not my usual post. Today, I'm sharing with you my interview with Gut Microbiota for Health. I attended their conference in Rome in March, and spoke to a group of dietitians in a plenary session on dietitians and their role as gut health ambassadors. There were over 80 dietitians and gastroenterologists from around the world, in my session - and I was SO nervous! I was the last talk of the day, and shared with my colleagues how we can connect with patients to get them thinking about their gut health in wellness, and in disease. Get a glimpse of my gut health interview here: If you have a GI disorder - like IBS, Crohn's, colitis, or are interested in reducing your risk of developing...

Low FODMAP Label Reading Made Easy.

Low FODMAP Label Reading. Made Easy.

Low FODMAP Label Reading Low FODMAP label reading can be seriously overwhelming. Heck! Even without looking for FODMAP's, label reading can be challenging! However, I always tell my clients, it isn't 'all or nothing'. I like to start with these top 6 high FODMAP ingredients - things I see most OFTEN in products that would immediately flag them as 'likely' high FODMAP. It's hard enough getting a huge list of high FODMAP foods to avoid - so I'm ALL about keeping it practical. While you get comfortable on the low FODMAP diet, I say start with these high FODMAP culprits, and then we can fine-tune in future appointments regarding the other low FODMAP ingredients. To be a smart shopper, it is important to understand how to read labels...