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Dietitians as Gut Health Ambassadors

Guys. This is not my usual post. Today, I'm sharing with you my interview with Gut Microbiota for Health. I attended their conference in Rome in March, and spoke to a group of dietitians in a plenary session on dietitians and their role as gut health ambassadors. There were over 80 dietitians and gastroenterologists from around the world, in my session - and I was SO nervous! I was the last talk of the day, and shared with my colleagues how we can connect with patients to get them thinking about their gut health in wellness, and in disease. Get a glimpse of my gut health interview here: If you have a GI disorder - like IBS, Crohn's, colitis, or are interested in reducing your risk of developing...

Are Peanuts Safe In IBS? Let's Review The Evidence.

Are Peanuts Safe for IBS? Debunking aflatoxin myths.

I have had THREE questions this last week on the safety of peanuts - not just from an IBS perspective - but from an overall health perspective. I understand that there has been some misinformation put out there about the safety of peanuts - specifically in regards to aflatoxin. While aflatoxin (a class of toxic compounds produced by certain types of moulds commonly found on nuts and corn) is a very serious issue - it's usually only an issue in developing countries due to food storage, agriculture processes, limited access to safe food, and food preparation methods. Yes - exposure to aflatoxin can damage your liver and lead to liver cancer - ESPECIALLY in those with hepatitis - a condition quite common in developing countries. YES....

Your IBS Symptoms Aren't Normal... But They're Common #AskADietitian Facebook Live

Your IBS symptoms aren’t normal… but they’re common | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

The week before Christmas I talk about: Your IBS Symptoms aren't normal, but they're common. What I mean by that is they DON'T have to be something you just live with. They aren't something made up. They aren't a diagnosis of exclusion. And they aren't a catch-all phrase. By assuming this - we disempower people who are struggling with IBS. I hear the words hopeless, helpless, frustrated, and unheard. I heard people feeling like they're not taken seriously. Ultimately, we need to SHIFT and CHANGE the messaging around this! My post 'Is it Irritable Bowel Syndrome' goes into detail about getting the correct diagnosis and treatment. Watch what I have to say this week about standing up for IBS diagnoses and getting access to proper treatment! If you're tired...