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This low FODMAP BBQ chili is actually one of the best chili's I've EVER made. I partnered with FODY Foods to develop a nutritious, low FODMAP recipe, with a TON of flavour. (Disclosure: I work with FODY Foods and received compensation for this post. See full disclosure at bottom.) Now. Recipes involving tomato products OFTEN are high FODMAP, because of the onion, garlic, and occasional high fructose corn syrup added to them. And when you think of a chili, we often have beans, corn, and a variety of other high FODMAP foods. You're probably even wondering if it's possible to create a low FODMAP chili, or ahem, one that isn't just ground beef and crushed tomatoes. I'm here to tell you that not only is it possible, but my...

Fody Foods Low FODMAP Products A Dietitian Review

FODY Foods Low FODMAP Product | Dietitian Review

One of the HARDEST parts of the low FODMAP diet is grocery shopping. Hands down. It's not looking at the low FODMAP lists - it's actually conceptualizing how you'll turn those things into a meal. For my clients that lack confidence and competence in the kitchen, they struggle with the low FODMAP diet. For people who enjoy sauces and condiments, the low FODMAP diet can seem painfully bland. Which is why I'm SO relieved that companies like FODY Foods low FODMAP products, entirely dedicated to making high quality, low FODMAP foods have been created. Introducing FODY Foods Recently, I've had the opportunity to try FODY Foods. They reached out and asked if I would like to try some of their low FODMAP products - and I was blown away. FODY foods...