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Your IBS Symptoms Aren't Normal... But They're Common #AskADietitian Facebook Live

Your IBS symptoms aren’t normal… but they’re common | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

The week before Christmas I talk about: Your IBS Symptoms aren't normal, but they're common. What I mean by that is they DON'T have to be something you just live with. They aren't something made up. They aren't a diagnosis of exclusion. And they aren't a catch-all phrase. By assuming this - we disempower people who are struggling with IBS. I hear the words hopeless, helpless, frustrated, and unheard. I heard people feeling like they're not taken seriously. Ultimately, we need to SHIFT and CHANGE the messaging around this! My post 'Is it Irritable Bowel Syndrome' goes into detail about getting the correct diagnosis and treatment. Watch what I have to say this week about standing up for IBS diagnoses and getting access to proper treatment! If you're tired...

#AskADietitian Facebook Live

Can IBS Kill You & Prebiotics – A New Understanding | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

This week (Oct 23rd) #AskADietitian Facebook Live series - I answer to the media coverage around Mychael Knight's death - Can IBS Kill You? I also cover the definition of prebiotics and what constitutes a prebiotic. Can IBS Kill You? (stop holding that exhale - don't worry - short answer: it can't, BUT there are some things to consider.)    Andrea Hardy is a registered dietitian nutritionist specialized in gut health and GI disorders practicing in Calgary Alberta, as well as globally via online counselling. Our staff at Ignite help people with gastrointestinal disorders feel the best they possibly can with a holistic approach to health!...

#AskADietitian Facebook Live

Get Over Colds Faster with the Power of your Microbiome | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

This week (November 20th) on #AskADietitian Facebook Live series - talk about some SUPER cool new research on the power of your microbiome to potentially modulate your immune system during a cold or flu - and how you could potentially use nutrition to feel better faster! The research is still in it's infancy but SUPER exciting. HINT: it has to do with one of my favourite topics: polyphenols! I also talk about how to stick low FODMAP when you're sick, and hidden sources of FODMAP's in cold medicines and cough drops. Lastly, I talk about my Instagram-Famous meal that had EVERYONE asking - how can I eat ALL the FODMAP's in one sitting and not get a tummy ache! I talk about that in my #AskADietitian LIVE...