Nutrition Resources for Physicians

Ignite Nutrition understands time with patients is limited, which is why we’ve created a variety of different resources for physicians – to encourage meaningful & practical nutrition changes in patients in 5 minutes or less.

Download nutrition resources to provide focused information, advice, and guidance on lifestyle changes after a GI diagnosis.

Current handouts include: GERD, Reducing Risk of Colon Cancer (post-polyp diagnosis), IBS (including access to up-to-date FODMAP information). Download here.

GERD patient handout - for physician use - to help patients managed their nutrition. Printable through Ignite Nutrition Inc, in Calgary Alberta
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patient handout - for physician use - help your patient start to manage their IBS through nutrition intervention, and improve quality of life and understanding of this functional gut disorder. Printable through Ignite Nutrition Inc, in Calgary Alberta
Colon Cancer patient handout - for physician use - to help patients reduce the risk of developing colon cancer after being diagnosed with polyps, or if they have a strong family history. Printable through Ignite Nutrition Inc, in Calgary Alberta
A bloating and distension patient handout for physicians and gastroenterologists. IBS Help in Calgary Alberta from registered dietitian nutritionists

Nutrition Counselling

Would your patient benefit from one-on-one nutrition counselling?

Our dietitians spend time working with clients to understand their behaviours & lifestyle, so that we can affect a meaningful nutrition change.

Referrals can be submitted by


fax: 403-770-8430

or by patient self referral

Did You Know?

Many health care plans cover the cost of Registered Dietitian services as part of an extended benefits plan. If registered dietitian services are NOT covered, they are considered a tax-deductible medical expense.

Patient Accessible Resources

Ignite understands one-on-one counselling isn’t for everyone, and that often cost barriers limit access to quality information.

Which is why we’ve created low-cost resources to help those who cannot afford one-on-one counselling, but require nutrition help.

Getting Started on the Low FODMAP diet - up to date resources on managing IBS diet and low FODMAP with Calgary dietitians Ignite Nutrition

Resources, accurate food lists, a 5 day low FODMAP menu, and informational videos on properly managing IBS / free! 

These are the ‘must-have’ resources for getting started on the low FODMAP diet for IBS and functional gut disorders! At Ignite, we strongly encourage only implementing the low FODMAP diet under guidance of a trained dietitian or doctor, as often times, we see people make many mistakes that hold them back from getting better. With so much low FODMAP misinformation out there, you can rely on these resources as an accurate, up-to-date way to implement the low FODMAP diet, without confusion or stress.

4 week low FODMAP Menu plan - for the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet. Includes grocery list, quick & easy recipes, and is low in FODMAP's! |Created by Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian and gut health expert from Calgary, Alberta

4 weeks of menus / $ 47 CAD 

The HARDEST part of the low FODMAP diet is figuring out what to eat, without the overwhelm. Sure, lists are helpful – but implementing the low FODMAP diet can lead to overwhelm. Countless patients have implemented the low FODMAP diet using these menus with great success. It’s recommended alongside nutrition counselling, or alongside the ‘Getting Started on the Low FODMAP Diet’ database.

Ignite Nutrition values connecting with health care professionals.

If you or your clinic are interested in an education event, please contact us to arrange a time! Our dietitians are happy to come share with you up-to-date practice information, and practical tips so you can best help your patients.!

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