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Media & Speaking Engagements

Andrea Hardy speaking on the TED stage

Looking for an Expert to Help With Your Nutrition Communications?

Hi, I’m Andrea. I help people fit healthy eating and nutrition changes into a life they truly enjoy. As a gut health expert, I work with people to navigate all the complex nutrition messages out there, and translate them into a way that fits within a busy lifestyle.

andrea hardy registered dietitian speaking on the tedx stage

People follow me on social media because I make food FUN again. With my my practical and realistic lifestyle tips, I show people how to not take themselves, or food, too seriously, while still nourishing their bodies well.

I understand how connection, relationships, and real-life experience can help support someone in making nutrition choices.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard – it just has to be realistic and practical. Let me show you how.

Brand Strategy + A Passion for Real-Life Nutrition

Andrea is a professional public speaker specializing in group education and knowledge translation with a food-first approach. With a passion for media, Andrea loves to work alongside PR firms and companies on their product launches, campaigns, and brand awareness initiatives.

As a prominent registered dietitian & owner of Ignite Nutrition, recognized internationally for her work with the public & nutrition professionals, Andrea will create excitement and the recognition your brand is looking for as a product to be used in every day life.

Ignite leverages a strong social media following with an extremely engaged audience – outperforming industry standards for engagement. This means Ignite’s followers are segmented, engaged, and trust Andrea as an authority figure online.

She hosts a weekly series on Facebook Live, called #AskADietitian – she understands the role of connection and knowledge translation in sharing messages – and uses this series to bring evidence based practice to social media.

You can see Andrea’s work on social media @andreahardyrd on Instagram, @andreahardyrd on Twitter, and @ignitenutritioninc on Facebook

Andrea’s media services include, but are not limited to:

  • Public speaking events
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Media Spokesperson
  • Influencer event hosting
  • Social media projects & campaigns, such as Instagram and Facebook campaigns, Twitter parties, etc.
  • Product placement and/or reviews
  • Recipe development
  • Sponsored and branded blog posting
  • Expert Radio and TV interviews
  • Sponsored and branded webinar events
  • Facebook Live events
  • Scientific writing
  • Education for health professionals
  • and more!