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GERD and Reflux Impacts Your Ability to Feel Healthy and Well.
Our Dietitians Can Help.

Are you constantly suffering from reflux symptoms?

Are you on medication, or are trying to avoid a long term medication – but are continually struggling with the discomfort of reflux? Does GERD influence your ability to enjoy food, be active, sleep, and live a healthy life?

We often hear that clients know nutrition plays a role in this condition – but find all the advice out there is ‘generic’ and only helps so much.

You don’t have to live with uncontrolled GERD symptoms. 

Seeing a registered dietitian specialized in GERD can get your symptoms on track. There is a ton of misinformation, and generic ‘only sort of helps’ information out there. Many times our clients try things, but can’t figure out what works best for them.

We can help you with your GERD.

We work holistically with clients to take a food-first approach to improve your GERD. We find everyone is different, and generic recommendations JUST DON’T WORK.

We will work together to determine a plan of action for symptom control, and take a food first approach to targeting your worst symptoms.

We will also focus on improving your long-term gut health, so that you can lead a life that doesn’t revolve around your GERD symptoms!

Have reflux, gerd, or upper abdominal pain? Need nutrition help? Ignite Nutrition's dietitians specialize in reflux, and functional gut disorder management from a holistic perspective, taking into account nutrition, gut health, and lifestyle change. See Calgary's leading gut health experts today! | Ignite Nutrition Registered Dietitian Andrea Hardy is a leading gut health dietitian in Calgary Alberta

Have questions before you book? Contact Ignite to discuss your specific IBS or gut nutrition concerns!

One-on-one nutrition counselling is for you if:

  • your quality of life and ability to enjoy time with family and friends is impacted by your GERD and reflux
  • you have gut symptoms one or more days a week that are uncomfortable or debilitating
  • you’ve tried to make nutrition changes on your own, and they’ve helped, but not entirely
  • you’re frustrated with feeling sick or being afraid to eat certain foods
  • you’re ready to feel great and live a life not centered around your gut symptoms!

Have questions before you book? Contact Ignite to discuss your specific GERD or gut nutrition concerns!

One-on-One Nutrition Counselling

Get gut help today – meet with our Dietitians to get your gut symptoms under control!

What Clients Have to Say…

My GI specialist recommended that I see Andrea for help with the FODMAP diet. I started immediately and am soooo grateful for the help. ( I already was eating mostly healthy for the last 10 years, but was still had terrible symptoms.) Six weeks later, by the time my colonoscopy/endoscopy was scheduled, I was almost diarrhea and pain free! The colonoscopy / endoscopy results showed that I had lymphocytic colitis and I started on steroids immediately. Now it was time to start re-intoducing the trouble causing fodmap sugars. Andrea was able to talk to my GI specialist directly and counsel me through all the questions regarding this particular diagnosis, the diet and the steroids. It really helped to have everyone on the same page, instead of trying to figure it out all myself.

With the unpredictable pain and diarrhea, it was so easy to meet with Andrea online without ever having to leave the house. I always received a follow-up report via email that I could refer to. I really believe the personal one on one counselling with Andrea made all the difference for me. There are so many pitfalls and so much conflicting internet information. Andrea usually already had a pretty good idea of where the diet problems were and my questions were always answered. She took time to discover what I missed eating most and then found great alternatives. I am now back to eating almost everything and am feeling great. I do not believe I would have had success with steroids alone, as I still inadvertently occasionally eat the wrong food and have symptoms even though I still take steroids.

-Google Review from IBS Client

‘This is the best I’ve felt in 17 years … I can’t imagine how I lived (with these symptoms) before!’

-IBS 90 Day Gut Reset Client

I have been struggling with IBS for more than 30 years. Every doctor and/or specialist I consulted ran tests, suggested elimination diets, did biopsies, scans, suggested fibre/laxatives/supplements. The symptoms may have lessened for a time, but always came back and I could never figure out the cause and effect for my diet and pain.

In the fall of 2015 I consulted with a gastroenterologist who suggested the FODMAP diet to be implemented with the guidance of a registered dietitian. With time and careful attention to diet protocol, I was able to reduce my symptoms significantly. I now have the knowledge to be able to manage my IBS through diet and probiotics.

-IBS 90 Day Gut Reset Client

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