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The week before Christmas I talk about: Your IBS Symptoms aren’t normal, but they’re common. What I mean by that is they DON’T have to be something you just live with. They aren’t something made up. They aren’t a diagnosis of exclusion. And they aren’t a catch-all phrase.

By assuming this – we disempower people who are struggling with IBS. I hear the words hopeless, helpless, frustrated, and unheard. I heard people feeling like they’re not taken seriously.

Ultimately, we need to SHIFT and CHANGE the messaging around this! My post ‘Is it Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ goes into detail about getting the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Watch what I have to say this week about standing up for IBS diagnoses and getting access to proper treatment!

If you’re tired of living with your IBS symptoms – and tired of trying literally everything to get them under control – you should consider seeing a dietitian that specializes in gut health! Ignite offers in person and online counselling for those with IBS and gut health issues. What makes us different is how we approach IBS care – find out more on our IBS information page!

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Let's talk about how to keep your gut healthy and happy over the holiday season. Those with IBS know how hard it is to manage symptoms over the holidays. I give my top 5 tips on exactly how to manage your symptoms and enjoy the holiday season without stress! | Andrea Hardy registered dietitian and gut health expert from Calgary AlbertaBest Books for Intuitive Eating & Food Relationship - Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian nutritionist and gut health expert shares her favourite reads of 2017 and how they impacted her food philosophy | Ignite Nutrition is a private practice in Calgary Alberta focusing on gut health, food relationship. We take a health at every size approach to wellness!