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Understanding IBS on Breakfast Television

Feature, Gut Health & IBS | April 7, 2018

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Understanding IBS on Breakfast Television Featured Image

April is IBS awareness month! I went on breakfast television to discuss understanding IBS, specifically, debunking myths in IBS, and FODMAP’s! Specifically the myths I commonly hear ‘IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion’ and ‘just eat more fibre’. As a Calgary IBS dietitian, I wanted to make sure that Calgarians had a better understanding of what IBS actually is, and to reduce the stigma around the disease!

We talk about the low FODMAP diet, and it’s role in IBS management – specifically that it’s a SHORT TERM diet. SO many patients come to me, having been on the low FODMAP diet far too long, wondering why their symptoms regressed. We know the low FODMAP diet causes a depletion of important bacteria in your gut – likely impacting your symptom perception long term! This is why I’m SO focused on gut health as the cornerstone to IBS management. I always explain FODMAP’s as the band-aid solution – and discuss with patients that we want to get to the underlying issue.

To watch the replay of my BT segment on IBS & FODMAP’s, you can do that here >>> http://www.btcalgary.ca/videos/managing-your-symptoms-of-ibs/

Understanding IBS on Breakfast Television

Understanding IBS - Registered dietitian and Canada's gut health expert, Andrea Hardy talks with Breakfast Television Calgary about irritable bowel syndrome and the low FODMAP diet, as well as other IBS myths

If you struggle with digestive issues, and think you have IBS – be sure to talk with your doctor or dietitian about getting the proper diagnosis. If you’re ready to start taking charge of YOUR gut health, be sure to attend our local Calgary event April 17th, or work with one of our dietitians on your IBS & gut health!

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