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Understanding and Managing IBS Event Calgary

Feature, Gut Health & IBS | March 22, 2018

A young girl feeding her father a nutritious homemade sandwich.
Understanding and Managing IBS Event Calgary Featured Image

April is IBS awareness month – it’s JUST around the corner! This month is of course, very near and dear to our hearts – because we at Ignite are experts helping those struggling with irritable bowel syndrome!

IBS awareness month is SO important, because of the stigma and lack of understanding that exists around IBS. It is OUR mission at Ignite to bear witness to our patients stories – to hear what they’ve been going through – and act as connectors to  care. While nutrition plays a large part in managing IBS symptoms – it’s not the ONLY piece of managing IBS.

Join Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian (that’s me!) and Dr. Andy Liu, a gastroenterology fellow from University of Calgary with a special interest in IBS for ‘Understanding and Managing IBS’.

[bctt tweet=”IBS isn’t all in your head. It’s not a diagnosis of exclusion. It’s a real condition, with real diagnostic criteria, and real treatment options. Learn more at our #YYC event April 17th.” username=”andreahardyrd”]

Join our IBS Event in Calgary April 17th at 6pm!

IBS awareness month in Calgary Alberta featuring Calgarys top IBS experts - Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian and Canada's gut health expert, and Dr. Andy Liu Gastroenterology fellow from University of Alberta

This 2 hour event is an absolute MUST attend for those with IBS and their families.

We’re going to be covering:

  • understanding diagnosis – how is IBS diagnosed, and what else we need to consider!
  • management strategies for IBS
  • understanding Ignite’s ‘Four Pillars of IBS management’
  • practical things you can do TODAY to take  care of your IBS
  • preventing IBS through proper gut health

This event couldn’t have been possible without our main partners: The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation and IBgard – both leaders in research for IBS management.

As well – Fody Foods has sponsored the event, and if you’ve been DYING to try their products – you’re going to have to come for the SWAG BAG.

(we have a fantastic swag bag for you to get you started on IBS management – I probably should have mentioned that FIRST, ammiright?!)

Early bird tickets are $15, with $5 being donated to research through the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation.<<< Get your tickets here >>> 

For those of you who read my blog – you KNOW – I’m SUPER passionate about helping those with IBS. So I’m asking that, if you know ANYONE interested, please share this event with them!

We want to reach the RIGHT people with our important message and empower those living with IBS to take charge of their condition and live with a better quality of life!

Register for IBS Awareness Month - a must-attend event for those living with IBS in Calgary - brought to you by Calgary IBS experts, Andrea Hardy RD and Dr. Andy Liu. IBS help in Calgary for IBS awareness month!



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