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My Interview with SIBO Survivor – Josh Sabourin

#AskADietitian Videos, Feature, Gut Health & IBS | July 3, 2017

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My Interview with SIBO Survivor – Josh Sabourin Featured Image

Hey Ya’ll. As you ALL know, I started a series called #AskADietitian – which I host every week on Facebook Live. We recently moved to Monday mornings for the summer – if you want to catch all the action – hop over to my Facebook Page to hear what I have to say, or better yet, ask me a question I can answer for you during one of my live jams!

Josh Sabourin, from SIBO survivor reached out to me to ask if he could guest post about his SIBO story on my blog. I said I’d do him one better – that I’d rather interview him – because as I say, people connect with people. With IBS, and SIBO, hearing someone’s story, who’s been through it, been treated, and is now functioning well is really relatable. So I thought sitting down and chatting with him would be great.

Check out our jam-packed 30 minute long interview, all about being diagnosed and living with SIBO!

I have to say – Josh’s experience is much different than what we may find in Canada, due to challenges with testing and treating for SIBO. However, I think its important to note that your gastroenterologist and dietitian can help you through the process of diagnosis and management.

#AskADietitian Interview with SIBO Survivor Josh Sabourin



  1. Not everyone with IBS has SIBO. I know when you look online, with the frustrations you have, you may feel that way. However, ruling out other causes and conditions is key. We don’t have a perfect test for SIBO, nor do we have a fantastic way to treat. As such, my philosophy is to rule out other causes, and make sure all of our T’s have been crossed, and I’s have been dotted before considering SIBO.
  2. You should not self diagnose or treat. You may be missing a serious diagnosis – symptoms of SIBO can overlap with colorectal cancer, IBD, celiac, and other conditions. See your gastroenterologist to ensure these are ruled out.
  3. Don’t discount the importance of IBS management prior to a SIBO diagnosis. The majority of my patients who believe they might have SIBO often respond sufficiently to IBS management – rarely do cases require more extensive work up.


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