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Dietitian Approved Road Trip Snacks

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Dietitian Approved Road Trip Snacks

Dietitian Approved Road Trip Snacks

With summer being SO busy – having healthy snacks on hand for all your activities can seem impossible. This tends to lead to people eating fast food, or grabbing unhealthy ‘junk foods’ at gas stations or on the road. I have SO many clients that grab these things, not because they actually FEEL like them in that moment, but out of desperation.

Does this sound like you? I’ve rounded up my TOP tips for road trip snacks that are quick & easy – and to keep the whole family happy!

You can watch the replay here:

Tip 1: Make-Ahead Road Trip Snacks

Fail to plan, and plan to fail, I always say. By having snacks on hand, it makes the healthiest choice, the easiest choice. I keep 2 snack containers – one in my fridge, and one in my pantry.

In my fridge, I stock yogurts, cheeses, hummus, guacamole, fruit, and vegetables. I prep ALL my fruit and veg in grab and go baggies, or tupperware, so that they can be eaten on the run.

In my pantry, I stock granola bars, pre-portioned granola, crackers, & nuts.

That way, when I’m rushing out the door to get to a golf game, or to hit the beach, I can grab two or three things, and get out!

My absolute GO-TO on my way to golf is yogurt. What I LOVE about yogurt is, there’s so many options!

I love taking Activia and making it into a ‘yogurt pop’ – it counts as my ‘something living’ for the day with over 1 billion bacteria – including B.L. Regularis which is shown to help reduce constipation and symptoms of IBS. Since Activia is a stirred yogurt, it makes it perfect for this.

If I’m in a huge rush, I’ll typically grab Oikos Greek Yogurt – which is SUPER high in protein, and is so rich and creamy – it’s like dessert. I’m currently obsessed with their orange flavour – it’s like a creamsicle!

Of course, sometimes, you can’t even be bothered with a spoon. My husband – Mr. ‘there’s nothing to eat’ – loves the DanActive for that exact reason. Drinkable yogurts can be fantastic on the go, kept in a cooler or on an ice pack when you’re hiking or having a picnic so that you don’t have to carry utensils around! Plus – they’re full of calcium, and vitamin D – so no excuse to not wear your sunscreen!

Tip 2: Grab & Go Road Trip Snacks

Ok. So you didn’t prep anything. Don’t fret – many of the items mentioned in the segment are designed for JUST that. Grab, and go. One of my favourite grab and go snacks are Kind Snacks bars. I actually keep a stash in my golf locker! What I love about Kind Snacks bars is, they pass my label reading test. They’re high in fibre and protein, and are usually lower in sugar, unless of course they contain fruit, in which that’s naturally occurring, not added – therefore gets a pass from me. I love that they use whole foods in their bars – you can see all the nutty, fruity goodness in each bar!

They’re that perfect boost of energy and are so nutrient dense that they’re perfect when you’re really active in the summer. Plus, what I love about them, is you can find them in gas stations and convenience stores. That way, when you’re on the road, you have a healthy option.

Top Road Trip Snacks List

Struggling to fuel your family well when you're busy in the summer? Get my list of super healthy, simple snacks and watch the media segment! | Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian nutritionist from Calgary Alberta live on breakfast television

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my time in writing this post, as well as the social media around it. While the information conveyed may support clients’ objectives, the opinions expressed are my own and based on current scientific evidence. I do not engage in business with companies whose products or services do not match my personal and professional beliefs.