How to keep your gut healthy over the holidays | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

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This week on #AskADietitian Facebook Live we get to talking about how to keep your gut healthy and happy over the holidays! I review my 5 tips on reducing IBS symptoms over the holidays – to survive the food, stress, and holiday parties!

Listen to my YouTube video on 5 Tips to Keep Your Gut Healthy and Happy Over The Holidays!

If you’re ready to work with a dietitian, are finding nothing is working to manage your IBS, or just need more support on your IBS journey, Ignite is here to help. See one of our dietitians today, either in Calgary, or through virtual counselling by visiting our nutrition counselling for IBS page!

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What is the BEST way to manage IBS? Andrea Hardy, RD and gut health expert talks about the best ways to manage IBS (shockingly, it's not just food!) Learn how we do things differently to get maximum symptom relief for patients. | Andrea Hardy is owner of Ignite Nutrition in Calgary Alberta. She sees clients one-on-one to help manage IBS, and was named one of Calgary's top 10 dietitians!Your IBS Symptoms aren't normal, but they're common. Find out what my issues are with the many assumptions that exist around IBS - and how you can take charge of your irritable bowel syndrome! Andrea Hardy is a registered dietitian and owner of Ignite Nutrition Inc in Calgary Alberta. She was named top 10 dietitians in Calgary, and helps people to manage their digestive disorders.