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#AskADietitian Videos

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#AskADietitian Facebook Live 5 Reasons to Not Cut Carbs For Gut Health

5 Reasons to NOT cut carbs for gut health | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

This week (November 27th) on #AskADietitian I talk about my top 5 reasons WHY it might not be in your best interest to hop on this ketogenic, low carb craze, and what we need to consider about gut health. Guys. Are any of you still doing the cabbage soup diet? How about the grapefruit diet? MMMM...

Interview With Registered Clinical Hypotherapist Claire Bramham

IBS & Hypnotherapy – Interview with Claire Bramham

In this interview, Andrea interviews Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Claire Bramham on the gut brain axis, and how hypnotherapy is showing benefit to helping manage the symptoms of IBS.   Working with a team of trained professionals can help to best manage your functional gut disorder. While nutrition is an important piece of the puzzle, I always say it's only ONE pillar of gut health. To learn more or work with one of our dietitians and start feeling better today, visit our nutrition counselling services page - we would love to help you feel better!...

#AskADietitian Facebook Live

Can IBS Kill You & Prebiotics – A New Understanding | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

This week (Oct 23rd) #AskADietitian Facebook Live series - I answer to the media coverage around Mychael Knight's death - Can IBS Kill You? I also cover the definition of prebiotics and what constitutes a prebiotic. Can IBS Kill You? (stop holding that exhale - don't worry - short answer: it can't, BUT there are some things to consider.)    Andrea Hardy is a registered dietitian nutritionist specialized in gut health and GI disorders practicing in Calgary Alberta, as well as globally via online counselling. Our staff at Ignite help people with gastrointestinal disorders feel the best they possibly can with a holistic approach to health!...

#AskADietitian Facebook Live

Get Over Colds Faster with the Power of your Microbiome | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

This week (November 20th) on #AskADietitian Facebook Live series - talk about some SUPER cool new research on the power of your microbiome to potentially modulate your immune system during a cold or flu - and how you could potentially use nutrition to feel better faster! The research is still in it's infancy but SUPER exciting. HINT: it has to do with one of my favourite topics: polyphenols! I also talk about how to stick low FODMAP when you're sick, and hidden sources of FODMAP's in cold medicines and cough drops. Lastly, I talk about my Instagram-Famous meal that had EVERYONE asking - how can I eat ALL the FODMAP's in one sitting and not get a tummy ache! I talk about that in my #AskADietitian LIVE...

Interview With Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research

Interview with Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research

Ok guys. Sorry this has taken SO long! WAY back when, after Natasha and I had attended the Gut Microbiome for Health conference, she and I sat down to talk about up and coming research. Natasha is BRILLIANT and currently doing microbiome research in Kelowna. I'm SO excited to see her findings when she finishes her study! Catch the FULL interview here: Interview with Gut Health Expert Natasha Haskey on Microbiome Research ...

Why The Pelvic Floor In Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Pelvic Floor and IBS | Interview with Renae Hunter

Hello! I am SO excited to bring you an AMAZING interview on pelvic floor and IBS I had with Renae Hunter from Evidence Sport & Spinal. A new physiotherapy clinic opened up on south east Calgary, and I was THRILLED when I found out they had a pelvic health expert & physiotherapist coming in. So I called Renae up, and we chatted. I thought I had a good basic understanding of how the pelvic floor played a role in IBS - but she has taught me SO much more - and I'm SO excited to share it with you! What does the Pelvic Floor Do? The muscles of the pelvic floor help control bowel movements. Coordination deep abdominal muscles, alongside full relaxation of the pelvic floor are key for moving...

Ask A Dietitian Live With Andrea Hardy, RD

My Interview with SIBO Survivor – Josh Sabourin

Hey Ya'll. As you ALL know, I started a series called #AskADietitian - which I host every week on Facebook Live. We recently moved to Monday mornings for the summer - if you want to catch all the action - hop over to my Facebook Page to hear what I have to say, or better yet, ask me a question I can answer for you during one of my live jams! Josh Sabourin, from SIBO survivor reached out to me to ask if he could guest post about his SIBO story on my blog. I said I'd do him one better - that I'd rather interview him - because as I say, people connect with people. With IBS, and SIBO, hearing someone's story, who's been through it, been...