What is the best way to manage IBS? | #AskADietitian Facebook Live

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This week (December 4th) on #AskADietitian I talk about the BEST ways to manage IBS – and why we at Ignite do things differently. No, its not just meds. No, shockingly, it’s not just food either!

Having a multifaceted approach allows us to get clients the relief their looking for – hear about how we developed the four pillars of gut health and how we help clients get feeling their best – as soon as possible!

Ignite Nutrition registered dietitians are specialized in IBS and other functional gut disorders. We practice evidence based nutrition along with understanding the value of meeting clients where they are at through practical translation of that knowledge into usable advice.

If you’re suffering with IBS – look no further and work with one of our RD’s today!

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low FODMAP fennel beef stew - no onion or garlic but TONS of Flavour! This super simple crock pot recipe is great for busy nights and the whole family will love it! | Ignite Nutrition Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Specialize in gut health, IBS, and the low FODMAP diet. For more recipes and support head to www.ignitenutrition.ca today!Let's talk about how to keep your gut healthy and happy over the holiday season. Those with IBS know how hard it is to manage symptoms over the holidays. I give my top 5 tips on exactly how to manage your symptoms and enjoy the holiday season without stress! | Andrea Hardy registered dietitian and gut health expert from Calgary Alberta