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Don't let this be another menu that just sits in your inbox, tucked away to never be seen again.


I've condensed over an hour of nutrition counselling (worth $190), into 7 lessons, for $15, so YOU can start to feel better in 7 days!
Everything YOU need to be successful with this menu!

You've come THIS FAR, you've invited me into your inbox, let's take CHARGE of your gut health!



Understand what role food plays in your symptoms

Learn what you can and can't eat, and how nutrition, supplements, and your lifestyle impacts YOUR digestive issues. 


Have practical advice - that's ACTUALLY do-able!

Understand exactly what you need to change to start feeling better in 7 days, and why it has taken SO long to find a solution!


Begin the journey to managing your gut symptoms

Gain a better understanding of how to manage your digestive symptoms - and what steps to take next!


AMAZING!!! I have been sick for 18 years with IBS type symptoms. My GI specialist recommended that I see Andrea for help with the FODMAP diet. I started immediately and am soooo grateful for the help. ( I already was eating mostly healthy for the last 10 years, but was still had terrible symptoms.) Six weeks later, by the time my colonoscopy/endoscopy was scheduled, I was almost diarrhea and pain free! The colonoscopy / endoscopy results showed that I had lymphocytic colitis and I started on steroids immediately. Now it was time to start re-intoducing the trouble causing fodmap sugars. Andrea was able to talk to my GI specialist directly and counsel me through all the questions regarding this particular diagnosis, the diet and the steroids. It really helped to have everyone on the same page, instead of trying to figure it out all myself.

Bev Shoop
Google Business Review

I know you.

You feel like you have to downplay your gut symptoms.

That you're not getting heard.

That people don't really understand when you don't feel well.

You've had every gut condition ruled out, and you feel like there's nothing left to be done.​

You've been told: Eat more fibre, drink more water. Like it's something you're doing wrong.​

Day in and day you, you wonder, is today going to be a bad day?​

Is my gut going to let me doing the things I LOVE to do, or is bloating, gas, and bowel issues going to sabotage me, yet again?

Does this sound like you? It sounded like me too - 5 years ago.

I always say, food is only a TINY piece of what gut health entails. While nutrition changes may help to get your gut symptoms in check, we HAVE to approach this from a broader perspective.

This is why I've created my training series - to end the confusion, overwhelm, and give people the guidance they need to start seeing a change in symptoms.

Andrea helped me when I thought it was hopeless! Looking forward to a pain free life thanks to her expertise! If you or someone you love is having digestion issues regardless of the complexity of the issue do yourself a favour and make an appointment with Andrea. Can't thank her enough for giving me my life back!

Judy Verall
FB Review

What you get:

  • 7 days of to-the-point videos - to keep you on track during this kick-start to a healthier gut
  • Not just the 'what' - but the WHY behind the foods I've included in this menu
  • A symptom assessment tool - so you can objectively look at your symptoms before and after the menu plan
  • An understanding of what we ACTUALLY know about gut health, and how we can improve it (no internet fads here!)
  • Practical tips & tricks to help you maintain your nutrition habits and behaviours you practice
  • Exclusive EARLY access to my latest and greatest gut health information!
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