Low FODMAP Meal Plan – Week 1 Elimination


The hardest part of the low FODMAP diet isn’t learning what you can and can’t eat. It’s actually implementing it, nutritiously.

Ignite Nutrition has created a 1 week low FODMAP meal plan to get you started on the elimination phase!

This 1 week menu plan includes:

  • A 1 week menu, each day containing 3 meals and 2 snacks
  • A grocery list (super easy to order your groceries online or do click and collect!)
  • Delicious recipes that require minimal effort
  • Common sense use of meal prep, and utilizing leftovers – so you’re not in the kitchen ALL the time.

It is strongly recommended that you receive nutrition counselling during implementation of the low FODMAP diet. All IBS packages include this menu and can be booked here.



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