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My Must-Have Nutrition Tools

Due to popular demand, I’ve compiled free nutrition tools I have on my blog in ONE place. These freebies are my most popular tools – to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

Because practical nutrition is what it’s all about.

7 Days to a Healthier You Challenge

My signature 7 day challenge to reset your nutrition brain. Forget what you’ve heard in the media. Healthy eating is common sense, not nonsense. Take my challenge to find out how to fit healthy eating into your busy life, without giving up all your favourite foods!

Healthy recipes and tools | Andrea Hardy Calgary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Easy breakfast recipes for the week | Ignite Nutrition Inc. | Calgary Dietitian Nutritionist

Never Worry About Breakfast Again: 7 Unique Recipes for The Week

Breakfast shouldn’t be blah.

Check out my free recipe book on exciting and easy recipes for the week – delicious breakfasts in no time at all!

Expert Meal Planning Tool

If you don’t have a plan, and you leave your food choices to chance, chances are, those choices will suck. Sound familiar?

Start with this step by step meal planning guide to make meal planning a breeze, and make the healthiest choice, the easiest choice.

meal planning tool | Calgary Dietitian Nutritionist

Love the tools? Check out my e-courses

E-Courses Open for Registration:

Nutrition Expert Course | Andrea Hardy Calgary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Be Your Own Nutrition Expert

This intensive 4-week e-course focuses on resetting your nutrition brain. Dieting is out, lifestyle change is in. This e-course covers all the bases – from practical nutrition basics, to re-igniting your relationship with food.

Mindful Eating Course| Andrea Hardy Calgary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

This 3-week course gets down to the brass tax of why dieting fails – and what you can do about it. Learn to live the healthiest life you truly enjoy by building a healthy relationship with food.

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