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Online Nutrition Courses | Andrea Hardy Calgary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Ready for quality nutrition learning, online?

  • Are you someone who loves to get their information off the internet?
  • Do you spend hours sourcing good nutrition information?
  • Are you some who loves to learn, but is fiercely independent?  (read: doesn’t like being told what to do!)

Then online nutrition courses are for YOU.

As a registered dietitian, I find everyones approach to learning is different. As such, I’ve created an online school – Nutrition Academy.

I like to figure out everything for myself.

Based on my personal preference for learning, I developed my online school – Nutrition Academy.

Created by registered dietitians – you can trust that the content is accurate, scientifically based, and not just some ‘top 10 foods that are killing you slowly’ nutrition garbage a friend of a friend suggested you take a look at on the internet. (I know, you would have rolled your eyes and filed it under ‘this is crap’ anyway.)

Mindful Eating Course | Andrea Hardy Calgary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Real life, Practical Advice

Dieting – the modern-day version of a ‘ball and chain’.
Have you been on a diet before that makes you feel socially isolated?
My approach to nutrition is realistic and practical. Nutrition should fit within the life YOU live.

Online Courses Open for Registration:

Join the free 7 days to a healthier you challenge with Ignite Nutrition | Registered Dietitian from Calgary Alberta

7 Days to a Healthier You – FREE Challenge!

Are you ready to kick start a healthier lifestyle? Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard, or complicated. This challenge takes you through Andrea’s top nutrition changes that can have a BIG impact on your life! Join the free 7 day challenge today!

Nutrition Expert Course | Andrea Hardy Calgary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Be Your Own Nutrition Expert

This intensive 4-week online course focuses on resetting your nutrition brain. Dieting is out, lifestyle change is in. This online course covers all the bases – from practical nutrition basics, to re-igniting your relationship with food.

Mindful Eating Course| Andrea Hardy Calgary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

This 3-week online course gets down to the brass tax of why dieting fails – and what you can do about it. Learn to live the healthiest life you truly enjoy by building a healthy relationship with food.

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