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Ready for quality nutrition learning, online?

  • Are you someone who loves to get their information off the internet?
  • Do you spend hours sourcing good nutrition information?
  • Are you some who loves to learn, but is fiercely independent?  (read: doesn’t like being told what to do!)

Then online nutrition courses are for YOU.

As a registered dietitian, I find everyones approach to learning is different. As such, I’ve created an online school – Nutrition Academy.

Online Courses Open for Registration:

Join the free 7 days to a healthier you challenge with Ignite Nutrition | Registered Dietitian from Calgary Alberta

7 Days to a Healthier You Challenge

7 days of emails jam-packed with nutrition lessons / Free!

Are you ready to kick start a healthier lifestyle? Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard, or complicated. This challenge takes you through Andrea’s top nutrition changes that can have a BIG impact on your life! Join the free 7 day challenge today!

Mindful Eating Course| Andrea Hardy Calgary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

3 Weeks / 5 Lessons & Assignments / $59

This 3-week online course gets down to the brass tax of why dieting fails – and what you can do about it. Learn to live the healthiest life you truly enjoy by building a healthy relationship with food.

7 Day to Gut Health Mini Training Series - Follow Registered Dietitian and Gut Health Expert Andrea Hardy, RD on this mini training series to better gut health!

7 Days to Gut Health

7 days / 7 educational videos / 5 day menu plan / $15  

This 7 day course accompanies my free 5 day menu for IBS & gut health. You need support to see change. I want YOU to feel better in 7 days. I want you to begin to understand how you can take control of your gut symptoms. I want you to understand that you don’t have to live with gut pain each and every day – that you can take charge and feel better!

Let’s do this. No more procrastinating. No more spending hours on google – with poor results, and an aching tummy. It’s time to take charge of your gut health with my 7 day training series!

Beat The Bloat - End Digestive Woes in this jam-packed webinar replay - Nutrition Academy's hottest gut health course to start learning how to manage your digestive woes! | Brought to you by Nutrition Academy, an online school to improve your nutrition knowledge, with registered dietitian nutritionists Susan Watson, RD, and Andrea Hardy, RD

Beat The Bloat

1 hour webinar / tons of practical take-aways / $9  

This webinar replay was our hottest event from Nutrition Summit!


  • why self-diagnosing and treating gut issues can do more harm than good
  • how to ‘Beat the Bloat’ – how to manage gas and discomfort
  • why money is better in your wallet – save hundreds by skipping food intolerance tests and opting for science-backed methods to manage your nutrition!

This webinar is jam-packed with TONS of practical take aways – a great place to start transforming your nutrition today!

Get Meal Prepped - Family Style A Step-By-Step Course On How To Feed Your Family Healthy Meals With Time to Spare | Brought to you by Nutrition Academy, Ignite Nutrition & A Little Nutrition - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Andrea Hardy, RD and Susan Watson RD, Sharing their Nutrition Knowledge!

Get Meal Prepped – Family Style

5 Lessons / Meal prep and planning tools / TONS of bonuses / $127

Get Meal Prepped™ IS THE only dietitian guided workshop THAT SHOWS YOU EXACTLY HOW TO plan, balance, & prepare your meals FOR YOUR FAMILY without flops, fails and frustrations.Stress free meal times. Let’s get you eating healthy, improve your confidence in the kitchen, balanced your nutrition, and improve your health!

Are you ready to be a diet culture drop out? Take this 7 day self-reflective journey to assess your health and weight biases!


7 days of reflective assignments / Learn to say no to diet culture / $9

Are you sick and tired of being caught up in diet culture? Under constant pressure to choose the right foods, have a certain body type, or do a certain amount of physical activity? It’s time you assess your health and weight biases. Starting here makes it easier to understand where your food-relationship hang-ups might be. A great place to start if you KNOW you can’t bear to go on another diet – but aren’t sure where to start!

Real life, Practical Advice

Dieting – the modern-day version of a ‘ball and chain’.
Have you been on a diet before that makes you feel socially isolated?
My approach to nutrition is realistic and practical. Nutrition should fit within the life YOU live.

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