Holidaze Healthy Eating Challenge

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Hey all! We’ve officially launched the second annual Holidaze Healthy Eating Challenge! Last year was such a blast. I talked about my favourite holiday topics – How to Reduce Alcohol Intake Over the Holidays!

This year we’re new and improved. We have dietitians from around the world coming together to bring you their BEST tips that work for clients to manage their weight over the holiday season.

Best part is? They’re short, easy to consume videos!

From December 7th to January 1st, the FREE healthy eating challenge to give YOU practical tips on how to keep your weight in check over the holidays. We release our new content each Wednesday, and you watch what you think will benefit you most! Or all of it, if you’d like, too!

This 3-week workshop is jam packed full of tips and challenges from Nutrition Experts!

  • Banish guilt
  • Overcome holiday sabotage
  • Maintain your weight
  • Avoid FOMO
  • No falling off the wagon this year!

 How To Maintain Your Weight With Smart Eating Solutions To Holiday Eating Banish guilt, overcome holiday sabotage and no falling off the wagon this year!

As dietitians, we hear a lot of people complaining about how they feel like they “blew it” with their nutrition over the holidays, which is starting now. Office parties, holiday baking, and family gatherings etc., it can seem like a never ending line up of eating events.

We want this year to be different for you and our clients, so we teamed up with some registered dietitian friends to create a the HoliDAZE Healthy Eating Challenge.

It’s not about “being good”, but more along the lines of mindful reductiondamage control, and most importantly banishing the guilt – after all, holidays are meant to be enjoyed!

All the strategies put together, work for us, and our clients in the past. They’re practical, and often times things you’ve never even thought of doing before, that fit REALLY easily into your holiday plans!

Sign up now to join the free challenge >>>


Wishing you a happy holiday season,


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