Nutrition Trends and Predictions for 2017

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Hey ya’ll! I know many of you saw my Breakfast Television segment last week – I was so excited to be on talking about 2017 Nutrition trends I approve.

You can catch the replay here:

Andrea Hardy, Calgary's top 10 dietitians - talks live on Breakfast Television Calgary about her TOP Nutrition Trends for the Year!

So. What ARE the biggest and best trends for 2017?

This year we continue to see a big movement towards healthful living, but in new and exciting ways. SO much research came out about the gut microbiome last year, it’s no wonder we’re starting to see it impact food and nutrition choices.

Gut Health & IBS

I think this year, fermented foods are going to be the ‘biggest thing’. What I LOVE about fermented foods is there’s so many ways to enjoy them! Kefir, kombucha, tempeh, sauerkraut, kimchi – and SO many more. The biggest thing when it comes to gut health is reducing our intake of processed foods with simple carbohydrates, and consuming more whole foods, lower in sugar. This will help those fermented foods do their job better – because good bacteria feed off FIBRE!

Since I’m a dietitian specialized in gut health I was PUMPED about this trend. Of course, if your GI symptoms are significant – seeing a doctor to rule out celiac, crohn’s, or other GI diseases is SO important. If you have IBS and want to manage the symptoms better, be sure to see a dietitian who specializes in gut health – like me! Cutting out foods you THINK you don’t tolerate, without actually knowing tends to lead to REALLY restrictive diets. And GUESS WHAT. The bacteria in your gut like a whole smorgasbord of food to snack on – so if you eat the same restrictive diet, day in and day out, it may actually be detrimental to the biodiversity of your gut flora (read: much less variance in species in your gut).

If you’re ready to get your gut health under control today, you can book a consult here!

Reducing Food Waste

With last year being international year of the pulses, and the UN celebrating how sustainable and environmentally friendly pulses are, there seems to be a whole wave of movement to reduce food waste. All the way from Canadian’s wanting to save on their grocery bill, to wanting to reduce the environmental impact of food waste, to improving sustainability and ending global hunger – people are REALLY getting involved this year!

Of course, many of us (me included sometimes!) often let produce go to waste – especially at the back of our fridge. To combat this – be SURE to plan. Ugh. Planning. REALLY? Did you know Calgarians spend 2.5 hours planning and grocery shopping each week? That DOESN’T even include driving time! Well. Let me tell you. I have the PERFECT meal planning tool. I can plan in 10 minutes, and get my grocery shopping done in 30. Want the tool? Get it here.

Healthy Food Choices on the Go!

Guys, this is a DOOZY. You know, and I know, that if you have a TON of barriers to eating healthy, ¬†you aren’t gonna do it. We’re inherently lazy. I get it! We like to do what we do, and anything that takes away from that is considered work.

The biggest barrier I run into with my clients is TIME and CONVENIENCE. I think we could all use a bit more of that in our lives. Which is why Made Foods just GETS it.

Made Foods and on-the-go healthy meals made my top 3 Dietitian Approved Nutrition Trends for 2017 - I was live on Breakfast Television Calgary to talk about these Nutrition Trends | Andrea Hardy is a registered dietitian nutritionist from Calgary Alberta specializing in gut health and IBS

People are tired of fast food, but feel like they have no other option. Made foods, and other fantastic meal services around Calgary and the country are making incredible, on-the-go meals, that can be delivered. That 2.5 hours of planning and grocery shopping? Gone. That 1-4 hours of food prep a week? Gone. When you’re busy, and you KNOW that eating out is your only option, you can now make confident choices in these places with healthy, on-the-go meals! Made Foods is a personal favourite of mine – I can’t wait until they open up in Mahogany! Good bye pizza Fridays, hello Nan’s Tandoori Chicken.

Need more ideas for quick and easy meals? I’m hosting an event in Auburn Bay on February 10th to teach you about quick and easy meal prep. You can register for my Quick and Easy Meal Prep workshop here!

*disclosure: I work with Made Foods as an ambassador – because I really and truly love what they do, and believe that Calgarians need more healthy options.
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