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One of the HARDEST parts of the low FODMAP diet is grocery shopping. Hands down. It’s not looking at the low FODMAP lists – it’s actually conceptualizing how you’ll turn those things into a meal.

For my clients that lack confidence and competence in the kitchen, they struggle with the low FODMAP diet. For people who enjoy sauces and condiments, the low FODMAP diet can seem painfully bland. Which is why I’m SO relieved that companies like FODY Foods low FODMAP products, entirely dedicated to making high quality, low FODMAP foods have been created.

Introducing FODY Foods

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to try FODY Foods. They reached out and asked if I would like to try some of their low FODMAP products – and I was blown away. FODY foods has been on my radar for a while. When clients ask me about low FODMAP products – they’re one of my go-to’s for suggestions. Living in Canada can be super tricky in terms of getting access to these products, and with an online Canadian store, easy access to low FODMAP products is SO nice. Plus – who doesn’t love when you don’t ACTUALLY have to go to a grocery store now a days? I’m obsessed with delivery services – I swear there’s a different package on my doorstep every day.

What I LOVE about FODY Foods is that they get it. They completely understand what people who are following a low FODMAP diet need. And I think I can attribute a lot of that to the amazing founder, Steven Singer.

Steven is a complete rockstar in understanding how hard it can be for those with digestive disorders to find food products that make life easier, and taste great. He knows, because prior to starting FODY Foods, he co-founded Glutino – one of my favourite gluten free brands on the market. In just over a year, he has grown FODY Foods throughout North America, and has recently expanded to Europe. And their product line up is everything you’ve been looking for on the low FODMAP diet.

FODY Foods low FODMAP product review - these low FODMAP products are SO convenient and have AMAZING low FODMAP snacks that are grab-and-go for when you're busy! | Review is by Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian and gut health expert from Calgary, Alberta


Funny story – they asked my feedback on the products – good and bad – and I had nothing bad to say. I’m not just saying this to ‘say it’. In fact, they encouraged me to be honest. So I reiterated. I wouldn’t change a thing. What I think is incredible is, over my 7 years of low FODMAP/modified low FODMAP eating, I think I’ve tried every recipe, every attempt to re-create some of my favourite foods (ketchup, tomato sauce) – with varying degrees of success, but often a TON of work.

FODY Foods has taken some of the hardest foods to ‘live without’ and made sure they are low FODMAP. What more could you ask for in the name of convenience and taste?

Their products have been tested in the Monash lab – so you know with confidence their products are low FODMAP. Not only that, but many of their products are guaranteed gluten free – which is great, because often times I can have an overlap of clients who struggle with celiac, or have a wheat allergy, and while some foods may be low FODMAP, they’re not always produced in a facility that is gluten free. By certifying and properly labeling products – I love that FODY creates confidence in my clients ability to TRUST the food their eating.

We know the brain gut connection has a big impact on how we perceive IBS symptoms, and if we don’t trust the food we’re about to eat, that’s often enough to cause symptoms. By gaining confidence in our food choices, it can help to relieve symptoms, and help to reduce that inappropriate communication going on between the brain and the gut, altering perception of symptoms and digestion.

FODY Foods low FODMAP product review - these low FODMAP products are SO convenient and have AMAZING substitutes for items you miss, like ketchup, barbecue sauce, and soup mixes! | Review is by Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian and gut health expert from Calgary, Alberta

Down to Business – Let’s Talk FODY Products

Ok Guys. I’m gonna give you my REAL LIFE run down of the FODY products I tried, how I used them, and what I think they’re FANTASTIC for.

Dark Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt Bars, & Almond Coconut Bars

Seriously – can a granola bar that’s close to my ‘5 Rule’ and tastes delicious be wrong? I LOVE these bars. I am particularly obsessed with the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Bars – because, hello – CHOCOLATE! If you like toasted coconut, the Almond Coconut Bars are delicious – they’re a bit crunchier and toasty! I usually treat them like dessert, after lunch, or when I’m heading out golfing. They’re healthy, but super satisfying. For those of you who DON’T know what my ‘5 Rule’ is – it’s a simple way that works to determine the nutrition quality of a granola bar. I say: Aim for around 5 grams sugar, 5 grams protein, and 5 grams fibre. Bonus points for more protein and fibre, and aim for less sugar where you can. This rule isn’t about ‘perfection’ it’s more a way to compare and contrast labels. So in my books, these granola bars are awesome.

Mockingbird Trailmix & Woodpecker Trailmix

I’m not normally one to snack on trail mix. I’ll do some nuts here and there, but I never think of making a sweet and savoury mix. FODY Foods has done just that with these trail mixes. What I LOVED about them was how portable they are! I kept one in my car (the Woodpecker Trailmix – because the Mockingbird Trailmix has a bit of chocolate, which can melt – I speak from experience!), and one in my purse at all times for an emergency snack. I’ve already taken them on road trips, and to the beach. Snacks can feel challenging on the low FODMAP diet, especially if you were a cracker, granola bar, cookie kind of person before. The trail mix makes the perfect substitute for that, and the convenience can’t be beat.

Cinnamon Seed Crunch Breakfast Cereal

Helllloooo Cinnamon Seed Crunch Breakfast Cereal. This was the very FIRST FODY Foods product I ever tried. And I LOVED it. I’m not your typical kinda person when it comes to cereal, I usually find them too sweet, and too soggy. I like my cereal with a lot of crunch – and this fit the bill. Warning, if you like sweet cereals, you’re not going to find much sweet here – its much more of a natural cereal. This is the only product I found in my house to be polarizing – I loved it, my husband didn’t. However – he is not a huge cold cereal person, unless it’s golden grahams (yes – I call that a bowl of dessert. Not breakfast.)

I loved all the seeds, and the cinnamon flavour. I especially loved it with blueberries on top. Not to mention, there’s 6 grams of fibre in a serving! I definitely needed a bit more than their recommended serving size to feel full – and of note, these products are tested to be low FODMAP within the serving listed. It’s not that it’s a small portion on the label, its a normal cereal portion at 3/4 of a cup, however, I do like a bit more cereal at breakfast. I probably ate a cup, with blueberries and almond milk – since the box lasted me 4 breakfasts, this makes perfect sense. I did not get a tummy ache at all from this cereal with the larger portion – however it is something to keep in mind!

Low FODMAP Ketchup, Salsa, and BBQ Sauce

Affectionately known as the condiment trifecta. Ahem, or anyway – that’s how it goes in my house. When I counsel someone and talk to them about removing onion and garlic from their diet, I get one of two reactions: a) Oh, ok, I think I can make that work; or b) WHAT!?!?! How am I going to LIVE without onion and garlic?

And then I have to drop the second FODMAP bomb – that besides the obvious sources, like in your own, from scratch cooking, onion and garlic are used to flavour most condiments, spices, and sauces.

Onion and garlic are some of the hardest foods to avoid. We rely on them for flavour. We rely on packaged foods and spices to spice up even our most basic dishes. Avoiding them is HARD.

Luckily, FODY Foods gets that, and went to work creating incredible products that, I felt didn’t even need the onion and garlic. I’d say I’m biased, since those are two of my biggest FODMAP triggers, but even my husband, a condiment fiend, enjoyed them. Again, convenience is huge here.

Can you find a recipe online for homemade low FODMAP ketchup? Yes. Does it taste good? ermmm… mine didn’t. Will you save time, sanity, and get a ton of flavour with this remade FODY Foods low FODMAP ketchup? Yes. Absolutely.

The low FODMAP salsa was fantastic and flavourful – I used it along side the low FODMAP taco seasoning on some corn tortilla tacos!

Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Even if my clients have done FODMAP research prior to embarking on the low FODMAP diet, they’re always surprised when I tell them they can have garlic infused olive oil. I really enjoyed the flavour of FODY Foods garlic infused olive oil, and used it in my salads, as well as marinades. I brushed it on some chicken, potatoes, and carrots, and sprinkled it with their low FODMAP lemon herb seasoning – and it was fantastic.

Marinara Sauce & Tomato Basil Sauce

Again, another staple food laden with onion and garlic. Tomato products are so predominantly used in our cooking, it can make the cooking task seem impossible! I am saving my low FODMAP marinara sauce for a cold day, but have already used my tomato basil sauce. I cubed chicken and eggplant, placed in a baking dish, poured the low FODMAP tomato basil sauce over, and sprinkled with parmesan. I served this on top of gluten free pasta and had a delicious low FODMAP meal that took only a few dishes, very little time, and was a huge hit in my house! Who doesn’t love 5 ingredient meals?

Spice It Up – Low FODMAP Spice Pack

The low FODMAP spice pack is fantastic! Steak spice, lemon herb spice, taco seasoning, and the hot BBQ spice blend are such great ways to add flavour. I’ve used the steak spice as a dry rub on steak, the lemon herb on chicken and veg, and of course, the tacos to make low FODMAP tacos with ground beef and corn tortillas.

Vegetable & Chicken Soup Bases

Finding a low FODMAP soup base is impossible. The reason why? They often list ‘spices’ – without identifying if those spices include onion and garlic. I have already used my low FODMAP chicken soup base to make a stir fry sauce – with soy, chicken soup base, brown sugar, rice wine vinegar, and ginger. I know – that’s super not ‘classical’ of me – but, it was a great way to add flavour to something that I’d typically use onion or garlic in! I have yet to make a soup – but I know come winter time, this is going to be used on a weekly basis.

Kettle BBQ Chips

I am not a chip person. I like corn tortilla chips, but rarely to I have any desire to eat regular chips. These chips were SO crunchy and delicious, I crushed the bag in a week. And I didn’t share with my family. So there you have it – a girl who would usually turn down chips – to a girl who refused to share them.

I had a few clients say to me – but Andrea – potato chips ARE low FODMAP. Well, yes, often times they CAN be – but the seasonings on them are often not. So if you enjoy flavoured chips (sour cream and onion, BBQ, all-dressed, etc!), and need a fix – these low FODMAP BBQ Chips are perfect. I would recommend sharing them though – probably with me.

All in all, I couldn’t be MORE impressed with FODY Foods. In fact, I’m SO impressed, we’ve decided to team up and do a few projects together! I’m in love with the company, the mission, and of course, the food products.

Now, I’m hoping I can convince them to make ranch dressing – anyone struggle with that one?

If you want to purchase FODY foods – just hop over to their website. Full disclosure, I have decided to join their affiliate program – when I join affiliate programs, I use the commission to run and maintain my website and all it’s fancy features. If that makes you uncomfortable, just hop over to – though I do genuinely appreciate when you do use my FODY Foods affiliate links to help me support this blog!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and I am now an affiliate of FODY foods since I love them SO much. I received food products & financial compensation from FODY Foods. While the information conveyed may support clients’ objectives, the opinions expressed are my own and based on current scientific evidence. I do not engage in business with companies whose products or services do not match my personal and professional beliefs.

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