10 Recipes for Digestive Problems

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Who’s Hungry for a Happy Tummy?

Hi Guys, this is Kelsea and Allison speaking. We are Calgary based nutrition students and we have been working together to find some of the best recipes for YOU… and that difficult digestive system you may have (Nice to e-meet you)! We’re here to share some delicious recipes, along with why they are so great, which can help with your digestive problems.

I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say we have all experienced that uneasy-feeling after eating something new, spicy, or a little too greasy… Having to plan your meals around your digestive system can be a pain, and having to run to the washroom after finishing a meal isn’t the most comforting feeling, period. You probably feel like you are making the same recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, am I right?

Yes, I understand! You know which foods your body can handle… but man-oh-man can that get boring! Who’s still eating plain oatmeal in the morning? Don’t feel guilty, we’ve all been there.

As the seasons start changing, so do our goals, our mindsets, our cravings; maybe even our tastebuds! I thought it would be a good idea to throw together a recipe round-up. Here are 10 easy recipes for digestive problems (5 sweet, and 5 savoury; because you know your tastebuds better than I do).


1. Easy Baked Chicken (loveyourgut.com)

This easy recipe could be perfect for a week night, or to entertain your guest on the weekend. The variety of spices used on the chicken leave little need for salt and pepper. Chicken thighs are higher in fat than chicken breast, which makes them more juicy and usually more flavourful. The side of tomatoes, red pepper and green beans provide a great source of fibre in this dish alongside the protein from the chicken, which will have you full and satisfied without that uncomfortable post-meal feeling.

2. Cheesy Scrambled Egg “Quesadillas” (rd.com)

A quesadilla, without a tortilla? How is it possible? Is this real life? Yes, it is! This recipe uses a mixture of oat bran, egg whites, yogurt and water so you can create your own pancake-style tortilla. Oat bran is a product that contains about 50% more fibre than just regular oatmeal. Fibre is great for helping digestion, and soaking up that “bad” cholesterol. This recipe would be a great go-to breakfast any day of the week.

3. Sweet Potato Turkey Chili (asaucykitchen.com)

Beans, beans the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you… well you know. This Sweet Potato Turkey Chili is BEAN-FREE! Living in Alberta, you never really know if the weather is going to stay nice, or if we’ll get another snow storm. This turkey chili would be the perfect meal to prepare on one of those cold unexpected-winter nights. You don’t have to miss out on the chili flavour when you get rid of the beans; spice it up with chili powder and taco seasoning, and keep your tummy happy!

4. 5- Step Kale Salad (lunchboxbunch.com)

Now that we’ve had our snow storm, it’s a new day in Alberta and it’s 20 degrees (who would have thought?). I don’t know if it’s just me, but nicer weather turns my tummy to want vegetables, fruit, and anything else thats just slightly refreshing. This 5-Step Kale Salad is mixed with crunchy carrots, sweet onions and some seeds or nuts for extra texture. It also provides a Simple Sweet Tahini Dressing to toss those yummy veggies in. There aren’t many ingredients in this salad which is definitely a benefit for your digestive system. You don’t want to overwhelm your body with ten or twenty different foods; keep it simple yet tasteful.

5. Thai Carrot Soup (comfybelly.com)

Oh turmeric, you are a saviour. One of the many benefits that turmeric has, is its support for the lining of your stomach. Studies have shown that turmeric can protect the cells in your stomach against acidic ingredients, reducing damage and inflammation. For anyone with digestive problems, this is probably great news to you! This Thai Carrot Soup may soothe your stomach when it is upset. Instead of skipping eating, prepare this dish for your next meal. It could be quite helpful!


6. Key Lime Raw Cheesecake (shecaneatwhat.com)

First off- who doesn’t love cheesecake?? Okay, probably a lot of people, but if you do, this is the perfect treat! With summer quickly approaching, more and more party invites are coming our way. This delicious cake has been loved by even those who avoid anything healthy, and is sure to be a hit at your next BBQ. While lime naturally aids in digestion by breaking down the macromolecules of other foods, the variety of nuts in the crust (all low-FODMAP of course) provide a fantastic source of protein. Who said dessert can’t be good for you?

7. Baked Oatmeal Cups for on-the-go! (katescarlata.com)

I’ll be the first to admit, that I don’t always eat breakfast at home, and sometimes that can result in finding myself in a fast-food line up, or snacking way too much before lunch. However, I am doing my best to find quick and on-the-go solutions, like these oatmeal cups. They can be made ahead, stored in the fridge and are delicious both hot and cold! Oats are fabulous when it comes to digestion as they are low in natural sugars, but like any food, it’s advisable to pace yourself and find your own personal limits. These cups are also brilliant in the fact that they are totally customizable! You can add berries, nuts, and even chocolate!

8. Fresh Pineapple Ginger Kale Smoothie (eastewart.com)

During the summer, I find myself constantly snacking on fresh fruit, and I always make a ton of smoothies with them too. Summer can be filled with late nights out with friends, parties and lots of snacking, often on heavy foods at BBQ’s, which doesn’t necessarily make our stomachs the happiest. On hot days, when you want something cool and refreshing, but also gentle on the digestive system, why not give this smoothie a try? The pineapple and ginger both work as anti-inflammatories, while half an orange are a great boost of vitamin C, and fibre! Kale is also a fantastic source of fibre, with 5 grams in 1 cup! When you’re craving a sweet treat this summer, why not try this delicious combination?

9. FODMAP Free Pumpkin Pancakes (fodmapliving.com)

Ahhh pancakes.. If I could eat them everyday, I just might! (Okay, maybe not. My digestive system might hate me after a while. I wouldn’t recommend this.) BUT, I do have a solution for those of you with the same love of breakfast foods as me; Pumpkin Pancakes! Canned pumpkin is a fantastic source of fibre, and is also packed with vitamins and minerals- what’s not to love? In addition, ground ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg all add complementary flavors to the meal, while keeping your tummy happy! While pancakes aren’t the quickest of breakfasts to make, I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

10. Dark Chocolate Brownie Cookies (alittlebityummy.com)

Can we just talk about cookies for a minute here? As someone who’s watching what they eat (in terms of just trying to be more healthy overall), I find myself looking for recipes such as this one so that I’m not constantly turning to store bought items. Cookies are one of my favorites when I do reach for a snack, as they are basically already portioned out; you don’t have to cut a piece off. They can also usually be kept in the freezer, so they don’t stare you down while you’re making a salad for lunch. These magical little treats contain both dark chocolate, and cocoa powder for double the fun! Cocoa contains both fibre and antioxidants that are fermented by bacteria that reside in the end of our digestive tracts. When the fibre is fermented, the molecules are broken down into smaller anti inflammatory molecules that are able to absorbed a heck of alot easier by the body. Basically, chocolate isn’t all that bad for us, as long as it’s not super processed, that is!

To save you some trouble of keeping track of these recipes, we’ve created a ‘Quick Click’ Guide! Download it now:

Ignite's top 10 recipes for digestive health - fun recipes that are fibre full and get you started in the right direction! This quick-click guide is a MUST PIN | Ignite Nutrition Inc Calgary Alberta

This is absolutely a download now, save for later – when you’re wondering what the heck to cook, and you need some ideas. These recipes are the best from around the web, so don’t miss this recipe round up quick-click guide!

As someone who can talk about food for hours, I must sadly bring this post to a close. All of the recipes that Kelsea and I have compiled to share with you are just some examples of delicious meals and snacks that both you and your digestive system will be sure to love! If you do try any of these recipes, and post them to social media, be sure to use the hashtag #IBSAwarenessMonth. Stay tuned for more posts this month about IBS and more ways to jazz up your food!

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